'Glee' Season 5 Finale Recap: The End of Another Era
'Glee' Season 5 Finale Recap: The End of Another Era
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
I guess all those questions of "Is glee club really over?" were answered in the last few episodes of Glee. However, despite the cheesiness that is Glee and the lack of Sue-isms, I actually enjoyed the finale. Each storyline was wrapped up nicely, and had another season not been given the okay, I could be happy with it actually being the series finale. I am curious how the final season will play out, but there is definitely enough material (and songs) for season 6.

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The Untitled Rachel Berry Project

After bombing the audition for the sci-fi show, FOX decides to send a writer to follow Rachel around and write a show based off her life. The writer, Mary (Kristin Schaal), is very eccentric and has a unique way of doing things. Her first draft is just a mish-mosh of nonsense and doesn't portray Rachel or the group at all. (Though it's really funny to see some of the scenes played out.)

After a chat with Kurt, Rachel agrees that if she is going to make the jump from Broadway to television, it needs to be done her way. She has a heart-to-heart with Mary and sings Pink's "Glitter in the Air" to show who she really is. Mary agrees that the script needs a re-write after the song. In the end, the network loves the script and wants to make a pilot.

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Telling the Truth Always Works

Several days before the big NYADA showcase that June Dolloway (Shirley MacLaine) is putting together for Blaine, he starts to panic about lying to Kurt. However, June won't budge and refuses to put Kurt in the show. After singing John Legend's "All of Me," he confesses to Kurt that he's been lying to him. Kurt is obviously upset. However, after a day or two, Kurt realizes that he loves Blaine too much and forgives him.

Realizing how lucky he is, after performing "No Time At All" from Pippin with June at the showcase, he brings Kurt (and the group) up to sing "American Boy" by Estelle for his encore performance. Despite her initial skepticism, June starts to enjoy it and isn't mad.

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Sam Lives Out His Dream (But Loses the Girl)

Temptation seems to be everywhere for Sam and Mercedes. As she prepares for her mall tour with Brittany as backup dancer, Sam prepares for a big audition to get his body on a billboard. Mercedes performs a Glee original, "Shakin' My Head," to kick off the tour.

And Sam heads to the audition, which is filled with beautiful models and a sexy photographer. He sings "Girls on Film" by Duran Duran, and the photographer hires him because he's filled with sex appeal.

Back at home, the group tries to convince Mercedes and Sam to break up before she heads off on tour, saying it will only be better for them in the long run. Each disagrees and wants to stay together. However, after the photo shoot, where the photographer kisses Sam and he doesn't resist, he runs home and confesses to Mercedes. She tells him she isn't mad, but thinks they should break up because she doesn't want him to wait for her and resent her for it. Though upset, Sam agrees. They make a deal that she'll call if she ever changes her mind about sex. Which is a joke, really.

Realizing they are all scattering, Blaine calls it the end of another era for the glee kids. And in a montage to "Pompeii" by Bastille, we see how each member of the group will end up. Sam heads home to Lima, Ohio, retiring after he gets his face on a bus. Mercedes and Brittany go on tour. Blaine moves back in with Kurt. Artie is happy at film school. And Rachel is off to Los Angeles for her pilot.

I really was on and off about this season of Glee. But once I got over the fact that the "new kids" were pretty much done, I actually kind of enjoyed the New York storylines. Splitting up the time between the two storylines was getting to be too much, and I couldn't really get into the new characters anyway. To see Rachel and the gang living out their dreams (at a rather unrealistic pace, I might add) was kind of refreshing. Plus, adding Schaal as the quirky writer was a great touch for the season finale. I do hope that Mr. Schue and Sue come back next season, though.

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