'Glee' Season 4 Finale Recap: A Farewell to Brittany
'Glee' Season 4 Finale Recap: A Farewell to Brittany
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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I'm pretty sure Heather Morris just quit Glee. The season4 finale featured Regionals, a pair of lesbians, the identity of the catfish and several totally unresolved plotlines.

But most importantly, it was all about Brittany. Based on how much of the blonde ditz was packed into the episode, including tearful farewells to everyone important to her, I really hope Morris is done with Glee because this was a beautiful and fitting goodbye to her character. The fact that Morris is pregnant in real-life makes it seem inevitable that, in the next few days, FOX or Ryan Murphy will officially announce that she's not returning next season.


Regionals are being held at McKinley due to tornado warnings and the Nuntouchables have been excommunicated by the new Pope, so they're replaced by some Whiffenpoof-style prep school dudes. Joe and Sugar miraculously appear out of nowhere. Since Glee doesn't bother explaining where they've been, I assume they are dating, went to Syria for spring break, got taken hostage for preaching Christianity and were released after Congressman Burt Hummel traveled to the Middle East on a diplomatic mission.

Anyway, American Idol's Jessica Sanchez sings two songs and doesn't utter a single actual word of dialogue. Then New Directions perform three numbers, including an original song by Marley.

The New Directions win and now it's off to Nationals in Los Angeles! But first, because Emma hates big ceremonies, she and Will plan a special surprise wedding immediately after the victory in the choir room. The episode ends with them saying their "I Dos," so Wemma is finally married.

The Brittany Code

Brittany's journey begins with two professors at M.I.T. who are fascinated by someone who got a near-perfect score on the SATs, but who has a 0.2 GPA. They gave her a math test and she got a 0, filling out the Scantron in crayon. But on the back she wrote a random series of numbers in her head that turns out to be some high-level, complex numerical code. They instantly declare her a genius.

Brittany returns to McKinley and, with a new confidence, demands all the solos, insults everyone, breaks up with Sam and quits glee club. She's a total bitch, taking Mr. Schue's lesson of "all or nothing" literally. But she sings a little bit of "My Cup," one of my favorite songs ever, so I'll allow it.

Later she's confronted by Sue and Will, but she'll only agree to talk if they come on Fondue for Two. This entire episode is just a series of the Best of Brittany, and I love it. Once there Brittany makes fun of Will's inappropriate relationships with students and reveals that she figured out Sue's celebrity baby daddy is Michael Botlon. Holy crap, the show ACTUALLY answered that mystery! And it only took them more than a season.

Sam, worried about Brittany, calls up Santana and asks her to come back to help figure out what's making Brittany go so insane. She does, giving us our second Fondue for Two of the episode!

Right before Regionals Brittany confesses that she got early acceptance at M.I.T. and they want her to transfer immediately. Sure, because you don't actually have to finish high school to go to college. Her tearful goodbyes to everyone are very sweet, and the last thing we see, after the Regionals victory, is her walking off stage with Santana.

Like I said, this seems like the end of Heather Morris on Glee. And I appreciated that they gave her a send-off far better than anyone else on this show ever got.

Blaine and the Lesbians

Despite Burt Hummel's completely reasonable intervention last week, Blaine still wants to propose to Kurt. He goes ring shopping and meets a nice old lesbian played by Patty Duke who supports him and wants to be his gay wedding Sherpa.

I'm pretty disgusted that everyone is making this a gay issue. Blaine acts like everyone who doesn't support this proposal as homophobic, crushing the gay rights movement. This is NOT a gay rights issue. If Blaine wanted to propose to a girl, it would be an equally terrible idea.

Anyway, Blaine, Kurt and the old lesbians go to dinner where the lesbians get engaged. The most interesting part is that, when they ask about the status of Klaine, Kurt is quick to explain that they're not a couple.

At Wemma's wedding, Blaine holds the ring box behind his back, but we get absolutely no closure on this storyline. It's not really a cliffhanger, it's just unfinished.

Catfish Revealed

Inspired by Brittany taking charge of her life, Ryder has a total meltdown in the choir room and demands to know who the catfish is or he's going to quit. Everyone looks kind of scared and then Marley says it's her. Obviously it's not her.

And equally obvious is that she's covering for Unique, aka the person EVERYONE thought it was the moment this storyline started six episodes ago. Let's hope none of the Glee writers every try to pen a murder mystery.

It's exactly what you think, Unique was worried Ryder wouldn't like her so she pretended and everything got out of control. Ryder intensely explains that he's not going to punch her, but he's never going to talk to her again.

He agrees to perform at Regionals, but vows that he's quitting New Directions when it's done. Is this the show's way of writing Blake Jenner off the show? After winning Ryder and Unique share an awkward hug, then he walks away. I'm guessing he's gone too.

What's NOT in the Season 4 Finale?

We see Rachel's final audition for Funny Girl at the start of the episode, but then, unless I blinked and missed it, there's nothing. So I guess we have to wait until season 5 to find out if she got it.

There's also no mention of Finn or Puck, odd since Finn is supposed to be the New Directions co-coach. I know Cory Monteith was in rehab, but it's still odd that he wasn't even mentioned.

As for Sue, we have no idea what, if anything, Becky told Principal Figgins because Sue is still not back at school. Way to drop the ball, Glee writers.

Then there's Klaine, whose status is unresolved, and the fact that New Directions is heading to Nationals but is now down two members since Brittany is off to M.I.T. and Ryder vowed to quit.

Overall, the Glee season 4 finale was a terrific send-off for Brittany, but a complete disservice to almost every other plot and character. Will season 5 pick up right where we left off, meaning this school year will cross two seasons? Are Heather Morris and Blake Jenner really off the show for good? So many questions.

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