'Glee' Roundup: 'The Power of Madonna' EP, Plus Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers
'Glee' Roundup: 'The Power of Madonna' EP, Plus Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers
If my math hasn't failed me, we have 22 days to go before Glee returns. Wasn't it just yesterday when we all whined about having to wait four months for the next episode? No? Right, it was a long time ago. Well, we're almost there.

And as Glee's April 13 return date gets nearer, more details about upcoming episodes are leaking out. So, in this little compilation, I've got details on the Madonna-exclusive episode, Neil Patrick Harris' thoughts on his guest stint, and a boatload of possible spoilers.

First off, the April 20 episode, simply titled "The Power of Madonna", is getting its own CD. Sure, this has been making the rounds for a few weeks now, but we're finally getting confirmation of seven of the ten Madonna tracks they'll be using on the episode. The EP, which will hit stores on April 20, will feature:

"Express Yourself"
"Borderline"/"Open Your Heart"
"Vogue" (Jane Lynch performs this, supposedly after getting a makeover from Kurt and Mercedes--remember the new promos!)
"Like A Virgin" (Quinn's an obvious choice, but I'm betting Emma)
"4 Minutes" (one guess: Will Schuester?)
"What It Feels Like For A Girl"
"Like A Prayer"

The Los Angeles Times reports that you can now pre-order this EP on Amazon. Although I'm not so sure about the album cover:


As for the other three tracks--there are ten in this episode, after all--I'm guessing it'll be part of the third Glee soundtrack, details of which have yet to be revealed.

Elsewhere in the Glee universe, Neil Patrick Harris talked to Entertainment Tonight about his upcoming guest role in the show, where he plays a former rival to Mr. Shue. "It's so much more labor intensive when you're filming it than when you're watching it," he said. "When you're watching it, it's great--there's all these fast edits and everyone's singing and dancing and it's super great fun. But when you're filming ... it's a lot of work, so my hat's off to that young cast, because they're supremely talented."

Finally, that boatload of spoilers from E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos, and I'll use the power of the bullet points to simplify it for you gleeks:

Artie will walk. In a dream sequence, at least. Episode 18 (IMDB says it will be titled "Original Song"--so this is the episode with, well, original songs!) will feature Artie hoping to be able to walk, and he'll have a dream where he performs with the rest of New Directions without his wheelchair. I'm guessing this will dovetail perfectly with news that wheelchair-bound actor Zach Weinstein snagged a guest role.

Quinn's baby story will be resolved by the end of the season, according to series creator Ryan Murphy: "You've got to wait until the season finale to find out how we're gonna do that," he said. (To quote Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, "[the] season finale really delivers." 'Nuff said.)

And Lady Gaga's costumes will make an appearance in a future episode, one that's supposedly dedicated to the girl formerly known as Stefani Germanotta. I can imagine those outrageous outfits finding their way on Sue's wardrobe. Any other (more unlikely) ideas?

I guess that's many more reasons to get excited, right, gleeks?

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