'Glee' Roundup: On Kurt's 'Kiss,' Susan Boyle to Guest for Christmas?
'Glee' Roundup: On Kurt's 'Kiss,' Susan Boyle to Guest for Christmas?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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No new Glee this week (I know, *tear*) but here's the next best thing: The latest news in Glee land, including a possible guest appearance by Susan Boyle, and another look at Cory Monteith in his underpants. Enjoy!

Glee-Wind: "The Rocky Horror Glee Show." Still not a sufficient explanation for Will's crazy-nuts behavior, but a great use of the term "smut peddlers."

Fueled by controversy (translation: free publicity) and their subsequent massive pageviews, GQ.com plans to release a "behind the scenes video" of the racy photo shoot with Glee stars Dianna Agron, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith. "It's going to be the gift that keeps on giving," said GQ VP and publisher Peter King Hunsinger. Giving to us, or to GQ? [EW]

Next week's Glee episode, "Never Been Kissed"will hold such a massive surprise for viewers that all Chris Colfer could spill about it to TV Guide that he can't spill anything about it:  "It's so big that we had a full meeting about it that we can't say anything. That's never happened before. I will say it's about Kurt. [...] At first I was very surprised. And then I thought, 'This is so terrific.' It's going to send a whole other message to the world." We know Kurt's potential love interest, Darren Criss as Blaine, will show up in the episode, but Colfer says not to jump to conclusions: "Don't let the title lead you the wrong way. The title of the episode has nothing to do with Kurt."

Matthew Morrison was Richard Simmons for Halloween.
You can see a photo at LA Times. It should be noted that Sue Sylvester would have a field day if she ever got a look at Will in that wig and those spandex.

Susan Boyle is set to appear in the "festive" upcoming holiday Glee episode, according to several sources--but nothing seems to be confirmed.
Earlier this year, Ryan Murphy mused to EW that he could see her playing a McKinley High lunch lady, and that he could see Kurt "dying to give her a makeover." Whether that vision will come to fruition, or whether it's all just a load of gossip fodder, remains to be seen.

Watch Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison perform parts of The Rocky Horror Picture Show live in L.A. over the Halloween holiday weekend. No doubt the Gleeks in the audience were more than a little weirded out to see "Will" and "Rachel" kiss and embrace as Brad and Janet during the show. Though that's not even close to as weird as it would have been to see Will play Rocky opposite Rachel's Janet in last week's Rocky Horror tribute episode. So at least there's that.

Finally, in light of tomorrow's Election Day, enjoy a walk on the wild side of our imaginations with these fictional TV Show Attack Ads:

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