'Glee' Roundup: New Album Track List Reveals Upcoming Songs, Kitty vs. Marley and More
'Glee' Roundup: New Album Track List Reveals Upcoming Songs, Kitty vs. Marley and More
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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Glee may be returning tonight with the start of the Grease tribute, but the announcement of a new soundtrack reveals some of the songs the cast will perform in upcoming episodes. Will cheerleader Kitty be joining New Directions? Read on to find out the scoop on that. Also in today's roundup, in his latest Twitter Q&A, Ryan Murphy gives a sneak peek at upcoming storylines and performances involving the Warblers, Artie and even Klaine.

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Season 4, Volume 1 Soundtrack Announced

The Grease soundtrack was just released this week, but that's not stopping them from gearing up for yet another album. Glee: The Music, Season 4 -- Volume 1 is set to drop November 27, right in the midst of the holiday shopping season. As you can see, the cover art is similar to some of the promotional images leading up the start of season 4.

glee-s4v1-cover.jpgThe track list has also been revealed, and many of the songs are coming up in future episodes.

1. It's Time
2. New York State of Mind
3. Give Your Heart a Break
4. Mine
5. The Scientist
6. Everybody Talks
7. Dark Side
8. Holding Out for a Hero
9. Heroes
10. Some Nights
11. Homeward Bound/Home
12. Live While We're Young
13. Gangnam Style

Everything from "Everybody Talks" on down has not been performed yet on the show, but will soon, with the Neon Trees number in tonight's episode. Keep reading on to find out who cover "Dark Side." BuddyTV has already previewed the "Gangnam Style" performance. And I wonder if "Home" is the hugely successful hit from American Idol winner Phillip Phillips.

What's Ahead for Kitty?

Glee always seems to follow a pattern -- any major character that's not in the glee club will eventually sign up. And it looks like that'll be happening with Kitty. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress who plays the mean girl, Becca Tobin, talks about her reasons for joining New Directions: "She gets involved with the school musical and figures out her passion for singing and dancing and it's a no-brainer for her to try and get in with the glee club. She likes to keep her eyes on Jake and Marley and she likes to have control at school and sees a lot of action is happening in the glee club and wants to keep an eye on things." Sounds like Quinn, doesn't it?

Since she'll be keeping her eye on what's going on with Jake and Marley, there's about to be some tension between the two girls. "We audition for the play and you'll see each of us doing our chosen number and episode five is the first time you'll see Kitty singing," she says. She mentions one scene in particular that stands out to her. "Kitty has a sleepover party with the girls for the musical. We almost sing every song from the original movie and Kitty gets to sing 'Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee.'" Is Kitty taking on the role of Rizzo?

But after being absorbed with playing a mean girl, will Kitty's attitude change? Becca hopes so. "I've had fun playing the mean girl ... At the same time, I also would love to see Kitty go through that big transformation because I'd hate for high school students to look up to Kitty and think that's okay." Just look at Quinn, Puck and Santana. Each of them had similar characteristics to Kitty, but the glee club softened them and they've turned into decent people, even some fan favorites as well.

Ryan Murphy's New Twitter Q&A

Q: "Is it true that BLAINE is singing Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson??????"
RM: "Yes. This is true."

Q: "We will see more of Sebastian???"
RM: "Yes! Sectionals."

Q: "So, will the warblers sing Live While We're Young by One Direction?"
RM: "Yes at Sectionals."

Q: "What about the other Minor characters?? Will Artie be getting more plots?"
RM: "Yes! Great stuff in the Christmas episode for Artie."

Q: "One little thing that #Finchel fans can look forward to? Anything?"
RM: "Great scene in episode 6. Long and important."

Q: "What about the 2013's prom? are you already thinking about it?"
RM: "We are doing a Sadie Hawkins dance first. Episode 11."

Q: "When Is The Next Klaine Duet ?"
RM: "Christmas."

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