'Glee' Recap: Whitney, Help Us Say Goodbye
'Glee' Recap: Whitney, Help Us Say Goodbye
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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Between all the disco tributes in last week's homage to Saturday Night Fever, Will started the conversation of everyone's futures and what will everyone do after high school. Mercedes wants to be the next Whitney and Beyonce. Santana wants to just be famous. And Finn finally found his calling: acting.

This week, that conversation comes to the forefront with full force, when the students must face the music and start the process of saying goodbye. They use the music of Whitney Houston to shuffle this along.

Paying Tribute to Whitney

This seems to be the second week in a row now that an episode of Glee has begun immediately with a performance and no scenes or conversations of any kind to precede it. Mercedes, beginning in the hallway, performs an a cappella (and quite beautiful) rendition of "How Will I Know." She's holding a picture of the late Whitney Houston (delayed sadness, I guess). Santana Kurt and Rachel join in. Will watches this from afar and is touched at how sad everyone is over the icon's passing.

Afterwards in Emma's office, Will talks to her about what he just witnessed. Emma shows her a brochure on Princess Di and how upset she and other young girls like her were saddened over the passing of the people's princess. A death like this represents the end of their childhood. Will realizes that Whitney is their Diana. So he makes this week's assignment the music of Whitney Houston. Use her songs to express and explore what's going on within you, he says, such as saying goodbye. Graduation is right around the corner, after all.

After school, Kurt's browsing around a music store when one of the employees, a guy around his age named Chandler, starts talking to him and seems to get excited over everything. He's auditioning for NYU. (Hey! With Kurt about to try out for NYADA, the two of them have something in common!) Their conversation ends a little awkwardly with Chandler asking for his number.

Brittany performs "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" in the choir room for her fellow New Directions members. Santana joins in on the singing at one point, and the Cheerios help with the background dancing during the part that looks like a music video. Mr. Schue wants them to use Whitney's music to help them say goodbye. I don't think Britt got the message, do you? It looks like she just wants to have fun. But, hey, that's what we love about Brittany S. Pierce.

A Budding Romance?

Out in the hallway, Joe and Quinn begin talking about the physical therapy that she's been undergoing lately. She's frustrated because she keeps going every week, but nothing happens; there's no noticeable change with her legs. Joe offers to stop by next time, as a sign of comfort. Oh, I can already see a romance brewing. A couple days later or so, Joe and Quinn perform a duet with "Saving All My Love for You" (they receive some odd looks from Rachel and others, who confront her about it in the bathroom), which is interspersed with shots of Joe helping Quinn at her physical therapy. And there's a moment where the two almost share a kiss.

Back in Emma's office, Will announces that he's booked a wedding planner for their upcoming nuptials, but she doesn't need one. But an even bigger surprise is that he wants to move the wedding up to May. Can they really get a wedding together in a month or less? Will finally talks (or rather kisses) her into it.

At home, Emma and the wedding planner are starting to go over plans and Emma is really excited about it all. Will makes sure to point out that he's going to be rapping at the wedding, and that the Glee kids will be there to perform as well. With how extravagant it seems this is going to be, Emma tries to persuade her fiance to move the date back to September; Will's determined, though, and says no. What about May is he so adamant about?

Apparently, Kurt did give Chandler his number, because for the past two days, he's been receiving texts from him; it makes him feel good, he says. And from the conversation Kurt has with Rachel, it sounds like he's having some relationship troubles with Blaine. Oh please, Kurt, I hope you don't cheat.

In an odd pairing, Santana and Rachel somehow come together on "So Emotional." They eventually have a heart to heart moment and put their differences aside, with Santana even reluctantly admitting that she'll miss Rachel. During the song, Kurt's on his phone the entire time, receiving more texts from Chandler. Blaine looks on, and it's obvious he's not happy at all about what he's seeing.

Angry Birds

Kurt's phone keeps buzzing, so Blaine checks to see what it's all about and comes across the texts from Chandler. The two argue over the situation. Is it cheating, as Blaine believes it is, or just texting, as Kurt keeps trying to point out? "You like him," Blaine says. His boyfriend replies with, "I like the way he makes me feel." This transitions into Blaine covering "It's Not Right But It's Okay" to the Glee Club. Their peers are obviously paying attention to the lyrics and the anger that he's funneling into the performance, because they keep glancing at Kurt. After, Blaine walks off.

Following an emotional conversation with his dad where Burt admits that he doesn't want his son to leave and that everything's going to change once he's off in New York, Kurt sings "I Have Nothing" in the choir room. (Yeah, Kurt! You can hit those high notes like it's nothing.) By the end, Blaine's crying.

To cap it all off, the two love bird (or maybe, lately, Angry Birds) seek couples counseling by Emma. Blaine says that all his conversations with Kurt lately end up turning into talks about NYADA and New York. It's like you can't wait to leave, he says, starting to choke up. Kurt opens up and tries to get through to him that he won't be alone: "You won't lose me." And now they're back to being love birds again.

The Truth Comes Out

During another bout of wedding planning fever, Will shows Emma where they should have the wedding: at a campground. It's the perfect spot because everything's set up already for the Glee Club performances. Then comes the moment of truth, when we realize why Will has been so determined to wed in May. The students will come back in November if they hold off until then, according to Emma. Will replies, "What if they don't? ... I don't want them to leave." While he's been trying to get his students to start the process of saying goodbye, Will has been in denial himself about what's on the horizon. Is anyone else feeling really sad now?

Joe's assisting Quinn again with her physical therapy. "What is this, you and me?" one says. The other replies with, "Something new." He's been in quite a predicament. Does he follow his Christian beliefs or cut ties with some of them and follow his you-know-what towards Quinn? When Glee first started, Quinn was the resident holier-than-thou student at McKinley High. And you know Ryan Murphy just had to put these two together, right? We all know that's where it's headed. But for how much longer, with Quinn going off to Yale after graduation?

The episode ends with Mercedes and Artie on the auditorium stage, performing "My Love is Your Love." First Kurt and Blaine, then eventually Finn and Rachel, Puck, Brittany and Santana, Sam, Quinn and Joe, and Tina and Mike all join in. Part way through, the camera cuts to Will just off stage watching his students. This is very reminiscent of the pilot with "Don't Stop Believin," don't you think?

"Dance with Somebody" is much better than last week's tribute. Most of the songs actually corresponded better with the storylines. And emotions were running high all around (and I'm sure with viewers as well). Even though we know that at least some of the graduating seniors are staying on the show, it's still sad and takes me back to my senior year and knowing that once I grabbed that diploma, I would be treading a whole new territory in my life. In the words of Hermione Granger, "Everything's going to change now, isn't it?"

Next week, it's time for Rachel and Kurt's NYADA auditions! From the preview, it sounds like Rachel will be reprising "Don't Rain on My Parade." But something goes wrong (hence the title of the episode, "Choke"). And the fabulous Whoopi Goldberg begins her three episode arc as a NYADA professor.

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