'Glee' Recap: There's No Shame in Loving Guilty Pleasures
'Glee' Recap: There's No Shame in Loving Guilty Pleasures
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Like the guilty pleasure songs performed this week on Glee, this episode is nonstop fun. I've been hard on the show for the past few weeks, but this week I just let go of my hate and enjoyed myself. I mean, really, with "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go," "Wannabe" and "Mamma Mia," how can you not just stand up in your living and dance like no one's watching? If this episode of Glee didn't put a smile on your face, you might be a child robot.

Guilty Pleasures Week

Will is sick this week (because apparently Matthew Morrison is barely even on this show anymore), so Blaine and Sam take control of the glee club. Blaine spies Sam stealing pasta from the cafeteria, but is shocked to learn it's not because his family is poor, it's for his secret passion: macaroni art.

This inspires them to have everyone in glee club reveal their guilty pleasure music as a bonding exercise. It starts with Blam doing Wham, which gives Blaine plenty of chances to dance close to Sam in fluorescent short shorts. Yeah, there's a whole lot of one-sided sexual tension going on, which I'm cool with because hot locker room scenes with Sam and Blaine are MY guilty pleasure.

Blaine's Secret: He spends the episode poorly trying to hide his infatuation with Sam, and it doesn't help that Sam keeps pushing him to really open up about his deepest secrets. So Blaine does an emotional, awkward rendition of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)" for New Directions, and it's pretty obvious to EVERYONE that he's singing it for Sam. Kitty, in a rare moment of humanity, helps him cover this up by telling Tina to shut up when she prods Blaine to spill his crush.

Later Sam comes up to him and admits that he's known all year that Blaine has a crush on him and he's totally cool with it. In fact, because Sam is so hot and Blaine is gay, Sam would be offended if Blaine WASN'T into him. So now Blaine can stop feeling awkward and embarrassed and just have fun.

Kitty's Secret: Brittany tries to redeem Kitty's image on Fondue for Two and learns her guilty pleasure is the Spice Girls. All the other glee ladies love them too, so naturally they team up to perform "Wannabe." Marley is Posh, Brittany is Sporty, Kitty is Ginger, Unique is Baby and Tina is Scary (because having the one black person play Scary would be racist).

Their rendition of "Wannabe" is super amazing, and I was slamming my body down and zig-a-zig-ah-ing the whole time. There's no guilt in loving this song, it's just supremely entertaining. Ryder goes nuts in the audience and it seems to make Artie fall in love with Kitty. What about Emma's wheelchair niece? Or Sugar? Or the inevitably uncomfortable Artie-Kitty-Jake love triangle?

Jake's Secret: His shame is that he loves the music of Chris Brown, which turns all the girls against him. He tries explaining that he only likes the music, it doesn't mean he endorses domestic violence, and he even points out that they've done music by other less-than-wholesome artists (Whitney, Britney, and he doesn't even mention the King of Pop and Jesus Juice, Michael Jackson). I'm on Jake's side, it's OK to enjoy the music without supporting the artist. But Glee is clearly getting on top of a soapbox to try and get everyone to HATE Chris Brown.

Instead, Jake sings Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative," unaware that this is only slightly less offensive than singing Chris Brown. But it's all good and everyone just shrugs it off.

Other Secrets: Sam loves Barry Manilow and sings "Copacabana," only to learn all the other guys are Fanilows too. We also learn Tina loves Vicki from Small Wonder and Marley loves anything starring Jessica Simpson.

New York Secrets

A lot has happened off-camera since the last episode. Brody broke up with Rachel and moved out of the apartment, per the request of Finn's fists. And Santana moved back in after telling Kurt about Brody's escorting and making a deal to keep it from Rachel until after her Funny Girl audition.

That only lasts about a day unto Santana sees a mopey, post-breakup Rachel and tells her Brody was a man whore. Rachel confronts Brody for closure, but he fires back that he lied to her about his feelings for her, unlike, say, Rachel hooking up with her ex-fiance in Lima a few weeks ago. Nice point, Man Whore.

They decide that they're definitely broken up, ending with a performance of Radiohead's "Creep." The only bad thing I have to say about this episode is that David Lee Roth's "Just a Gigolo" or Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" would've made better song choices.

Kurt's Secret: Kurt owns a pillow in the shape of a man's arm to hold him at night, which makes no sense since he's currently dating Adam.

Santana's Secret: Kurt introduces her to The Facts of Life and she becomes obsessed, suggesting they turn it into a musical so she can play Jo. Um, can this PLEASE be the plot for Glee season 5? It can be like Smash, only instead of Marilyn Monroe, their muse is Mrs. Garrett. I'm 100 percent serious, I would LOVE to see this happen.

Next time on Glee: The show is off until April 11, when it returns for the final five episodes, complete with huge parties and hot tub pasta.

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