'Glee' Recap: Rachel's Dream Comes True
'Glee' Recap: Rachel's Dream Comes True
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Following last week's dramatic gunshot episode of Glee, things are a little chaotic in "Sweet Dreams." Rachel gets to fulfill one of her dreams by auditioning for Funny Girl on Broadway, and it's very sweet and brilliant. Finn and Puck go to college, and it's some of the worst stuff this show has ever done. And Marley performs two of her original songs, which are...um...well, at least she tried.

More importantly, "Sweet Dreams" introduces the best new character of the season, Evan Evans, Sam's twin brother. Evan and all of the Rachel scenes almost make up for all the awfulness in the rest of episode.

Rachel's Audition

Rachel Berry is in full-on Babs mode as she prepares to audition for the Broadway revival of Funny Girl. Her biological mother, Shelby Corcoran, shows up at NYADA to help her out by suggesting that she shouldn't sing a Barbra song, she needs to do something original. It's just a thin excuse for a Lea Michele/Idina Menzel duet, but who cares because those are freaking amazing. Why doesn't Idina Menzel sing every week?

After a quick call to Finn, Rachel auditions with "Don't Stop Believin'," and during it she fantasizes about the original performance and we see the other five original members of New Directions in her dream. It's enough o melt even this cynic's cold heart and make me cheer and root for Rachel. This is the girl we fell in love with, not the pushover who was dating Brody. Needless to say, it's a very memorable and perfect audition. And she gets a callback.

Finn and Puck in College

Finn is now enrolled at the University of Lima to become a teacher. I'm trying really, REALLY hard to overlook the fact that he apparently got accepted and began taking classes halfway through the spring semester, but seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY??? He didn't even consider going to college and becoming a teacher until three episodes ago, and now he's already skipping sociology exams?

I guess I shouldn't be so shocked because, according to Glee, college is just one big "Harlem Shake" video (which was great if their goal was to make this episode feel dated), and Puck is his roommate in the dorm. Keep in mind, Puck isn't actually a student, he's just crashing for free after kicking Finn's real roommate out because he loves beer and boobs. Finn and Puck perform at a frat party and get asked to join, without hazing, because they rocked, even though, since they were in glee club, they're obviously gay.

Later Puck, out of nowhere, gets his crap together and decides that they're partying too hard and Finn needs to study to prove everyone wrong while Puck works on his screenplay. This literally came out of nowhere and was based on nothing. It's one of the many reasons every single second of this college storyline was some of the worst stuff Glee has ever done.

Finn, inspired by Puck's speech, goes to see Will. Apparently he gets college credit for being the co-coach of a high school glee club, and Finn and Will bury the hatchet and become friends again. Finn even demands that Will treat him as an equal, like a teacher. Um, Finn has barely started college and he thinks he deserves to be treated as Mr. Schue's equal? Whatever. I'm equally annoyed that the kids in New Directions still think having Finn as a leader is a good idea even though he chose "Gangnam Style" and, under his direction, they LOST at Sectionals. How is Will's idea to perform "Dream Weaver" worse than that?

The Aftermath of the Gunshots

At McKinley, everyone is coping with the aftermath of last week's very dramatic episode differently. Tina is really into Steampunk, Unique is taking birth control pills to get bigger boobs and I'm gonna assume Joe and Sugar are still hiding under whatever rock they call home because both have only appeared in one of the last seven episodes. It's getting annoying.

Best of all, Sam has adopted an alter ego, his smarter Australian twin brother Evan Evans. Anyone who doubts Chord Overstreet's incredible talent as a comedic actor is proven to be an idiot with these scenes, because they're just so perfect. I hope Evan Evans sticks around for a very long time, because I might love him more than Sam.

The only change that's important to the story is that Marley has taken her original songs out of the desk and wants to perform them for Regionals. She sings one with Blaine, Sam and Unique, and it's OK, if not incredibly cheesey and sentimental.

Dreaming of Regionals

Will learns that the theme for Regionals is "Dreams" and his song suggestions are awful. Blaine tries to lead a revolt but Will doesn't like it and yells at the kids, demanding that they do it his way. OK, so Will seems to have taken the shooting harder than anyone, because it turned him into a total a-hole.

After reuniting with Finn and overhearing Marley's original song, Will realizes that he was being a dick and apologizes, even scrapping his song suggestions. They end the episode doing one of Marley's songs about being "The Outcasts," and if you think it's just a subpar version of "Loser Like Me," you're right. Seriously, songs like this are going to make it really hard for me to keep defending the newbies.

The New Cheerios

Finally, in a storyline I wish I could block from my memory forever, Roz Washington has taken over the Cheerios now that Sue is gone. Great, because Emmy winner Jane Lynch and Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes are totally equivalent.

As always, I hate Leakes' style of "comedy," which involves yelling every line and hoping people are fooled into mistaking it for actual talent. It seems to have worked nicely on Ryan Murphy. She interrogates Blaine and Becky, who she assumes is Sue's daughter Robin because the joke about Sue being really old is still being beaten like a dead horse.

The only slightly important thing to come out of it is that Blaine grows suspicious of Becky, thinking that she might know something about what really happened with Sue and the gun. I wish they wouldn't stretch this crap out over the next three weeks, but I know they will.

Next week on Glee: The lights go out at school, Sarah Jessica Parker returns for no apparent reason and, praise the Lord, Sue Sylvester is STILL on this show.

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