'Glee' Recap: Rachel and Kurt Find Causes to Help Their Image
'Glee' Recap: Rachel and Kurt Find Causes to Help Their Image
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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Who doesn't love an episode of Glee filled with puppies, seniors and good music? Well, that's what this week's episode is. After the fallout of her lying to her producer, Rachel realizes she needs to fix her image and Santana is willing to help. Meanwhile, Kurt is feeling lost lately and wants to do something to help people and keep busy. And Mercedes and Sam argue over adopting a puppy. The episode was written by Glee star Chris Colfer.

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Who Needs Olivia Pope When You Have Santana?

When word of Rachel lying gets on the Internet, she panics and is worried that she's been branded a problem child already. In swoops Santana, who tells her that all she needs is a good publicist and a cause. The group heads to an animal shelter, where Rachel gets the owner to agree to let them hold a benefit with Rachel's new charity, Broadway Bitches. The group sings "I Melt with You" by Modern English to calm the animals down.

During a photo op that Santana sets up, though, Rachel gets dragged through the streets in a very expensive dress. However, Santana assures her that her image will be fine. Another setback happens at the event, when Rachel refuses to let a woman adopt a three-legged dog so she can have a photo-op later. The woman scolds Rachel, who realizes that she really should focus on the charity work itself, not so much on her image.

An Addition to the Sam and Mercedes Family

While at the shelter, Sam falls in love with a puppy and adopts him despite objections from Mercedes. At the apartment, the new dog, McConaughey, tears through Mercedes' things, including her hair and shoes. She insists the dog must go back to the shelter.

Sam, determined to keep McConaughey, takes him to a dog park with Artie to train him. They sing "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon. However, back at the apartment, Mercedes and Sam argue over whether it really is a good idea to keep the dog. Mercedes wins in the end.

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Kurt Makes a New Friend

Feeling down about his life lately, Kurt befriends an elderly woman who comes into the diner asking to put up fliers on a play she's in at the senior center. Kurt finds out she's an old Broadway star, Maggie Day (June Squibb), and takes her up on the offer to check out rehearsal. During the rehearsal, the center's Peter passes away and Kurt offers to jump in to help. He sings "Memory" from Cats for his "audition."

Frustrated that none of his friends want to come to the show, he tries to make right by Maggie and seeks out her estranged daughter to see if she'll come to the show. And despite telling Kurt that her mother was never really a mother, she has a change of heart and shows up, as does the group.

After the seniors and Kurt sing "Lucky Star" by Madonna (though I don't know why this was sung in Peter Pan), Rachel informs everyone that she's arranged to have the seniors travel to the diner where another event is planned for the shelter. Everyone performs "Take Me Home Tonight" by Eddie Money, as more people adopt dogs. And Mercedes and Sam find a new home for McConaughey.

Well, hurray, Rachel has fixed her image for the Broadway press, but that still doesn't mean she's not a diva. The way she brushed off Kurt when he invited her to the play was ridiculous. Though I know Kurt starring in a senior center play isn't something everyone jumps at the chance to see, they are best friends and he's clearly been down lately. And for someone who always hated Rachel and tried to sabotage her at the beginning of the season, Santana sure has changed her tune and is really trying to stick by her new image of being nice. Plus, I actually like the idea of Santana being a publicist. I think that's a good move for her.

I was a little disappointed in the Sam/Mercedes storyline. While she made valid points of why they shouldn't have a puppy, I couldn't help but think, "Who cares about these two?" throughout their scenes this week.

As I mentioned above, the puppies were cute and the songs were great. Everything else fell a little flat this week.

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