'Glee' Recap: Let's Talk About Sex, Baby
'Glee' Recap: Let's Talk About Sex, Baby
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Insecurities and sex are at the forefront of everyone's minds in this week's episode of Glee. While I'm disappointed that there are only four songs this week, though I do enjoy the selections. There's trouble in paradise for both Kurt and Blaine, and Mercedes and Sam. Meanwhile, Artie has to pay the price for not only his newfound popularity but also his ignorance.

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Seriously, Artie?

I have to get this storyline out of the way, because it's just ridiculous. Artie is loving film school life. He is sleeping with two girls and is hoping to add a third, who he really likes, to his roster. He even sings Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" to explain how much he loves women. In talking with the guys one day, they all decide to get tested for STDs. He gets a call and the doctor tells him he has chlamydia.

For the rest of the episode, he wheels around with a giant STD costume, fearing that everyone will look at him differently. When he tells the guys, Sam "slut shames" him (which is pretty funny). He explains that he never used condoms. Seriously? I have no words for this. I know they are teens, but in this day and age -- people should know better.

Once he tells the girls, one is pissed; the other doesn't seem to care. However, the third girl who he is trying to date, Julie, is not disgusted by the disease but by his behavior and his casual sex with the other women. He makes a vow to give up the game.

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Love is More Important Than Sex

Turns out, Mercedes is a virgin. At first, Sam seems okay with this, even initiating the guys' trip to the clinic to prove that he has a clean bill of health. But to Mercedes, sex is more than just physical. She goes to church to pray about it several times.

After two songs to explain how she feels, Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" and Janet Jackson's "Let's Wait Awhile," she tells Sam that she wants to wait until marriage before she has sex. Sam needs to take some time. Ultimately, he does an un-Sam-like gesture and tells her that it's okay and that he can live without sex, but he can't live without her (cue awwwwww).

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Trouble in Paradise (Again)

Blaine loves everything about New York, especially the food, and now he's paying the price. He's put on more than a few pounds. Meanwhile, Kurt is taking better care of himself and is looking great. Kurt is getting hit on in class and Blaine feels like less of a man around him. He is insecure and feels Kurt doesn't need him anymore -- and turns to food for comfort.

They, of course, have a falling out when Kurt finds a strange website Blaine has been on. Then they sing "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar during a fencing class, where things get heated. However, after another long conversation about their relationship, all is right again in their world.

There are a few scenes that tug on the heart strings in this episode, and a few that make me roll my eyes. I particularly like the girl-talk between Rachel and Mercedes, even if it is cheesy when Mercedes spells the word 'sex.' But I like how Mercedes points out that even though Finn is gone, Rachel should be able to go out on at least a few dates to get back out there.

I also really enjoyed the battle scene during "Love is a Battlefield." It was very well done. I do think it was a little awkward when the gang sang "Let's Wait Awhile" and Artie's date just looked uncomfortable. It was almost poking fun at the fact that they were randomly singing a Janet Jackson song in the middle of the city.

I should probably mention the cheesy PSA at the beginning of the episode with the guys about STDs. It was funny, but very silly.

This week was definitely a filler, as there was only one mention about Rachel's play. Next week should be good, as it looks like Sue and Mr. Schue come to the city for opening night.

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