'Glee' Recap: It's Time to Party ... Like A Dinosaur
'Glee' Recap: It's Time to Party ... Like A Dinosaur
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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Previously on Glee, Rachel choked during her NYADA audition. Quinn was starting to make a recovery with Joe Hart helping along the way. And Puck failed an exam that he needed to pass in order to graduate. After all that drama (including the domestic violence storyline), it's time to lighten the mood and party -- because it's prom!

Another Student Flunks

Principal Figgins tells Brittany that she's flunking all her classes (no surprise there) and needs to make an impact with putting together prom in order to graduate. Really? A student can graduate just by putting on a party? Well, actually, that may be the only thing Brittany is capable of doing -- sorry. But apparently even she has forgotten that she's the student class president, missing all the prom committee meetings since September. And after rejecting all the ideas from the other committee members, she comes up with this year's theme: Dinosaurs. Oh, Brittany, how we love you so.

Do you remember back when we first got to hear Becky's inner monologue voice, and it sounded an awful lot like the one and only Dame Helen Mirren? That voice is back, as we get to hear her vent about being rejected as a Prom Queen nominee. (By the way, the nominees include Brittany, Finn, Santana and Quinn.)

Using the Sympathy Vote

Speaking of King and Queen, Quinn enlists the help of Finn to get her elected and includes him in her posters. Rachel is, as she should be, furious. At one point, a random student walks up to Quinn saying how much of an inspiration she is and that she'll be voting for her. So it all comes out that Quinn's using the wheelchair to get sympathy votes, because she really, really wants to be crowned.

But her plan starts to backfire when Finn walks in on Quinn standing up. He feels majorly betrayed, especially since he picked her over Rachel. I don't blame him, frankly. But I can also see why she wanted to make a splash and surprise everyone that she can stand on her own now. And even while they're dancing at prom, Finn is still mad and wants her to stand up right now to show everyone she's been fooling them.

Let's Have Our Own Party ... In a Hotel Room

After performing "Big Girls Don't Cry," Rachel, Kurt and Blaine (I don't know why Blaine was part of that number) decide to throw together an anti-prom party and invite the Glee Club and Becky.

There are only five who show up, though: Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Puck and Becky. And guess where it's held at? In your average, run-of-the-mill hotel room. Nothing too spectacular. I'm sure it would've been even cheaper to just go prom instead of pay for that room. None of them are having fun. But what changes everything is Finn showing up after he leaves Quinn at the dance; he makes up with Rachel, and everyone but Puck and Becky decide to head off to prom.

Even though she's still at the anti-prom party, Becky is still mad and disappointed that she wasn't nominated. So Puck does something that I think all the female fans will be gushing over -- He's such a gentleman and crowns her Queen of the anti-prom party (and himself King, of course). He makes crowns out of what looks like cardboard boxes that would normally hold soda cans. I can hear women all over the country falling in love with him all over again -- he's gone from being the bad boy originally to a stand-up guy. And to make things better, they ditch the place and head off to prom as well. Now no one's left behind!

And This Year's Prom King and Queen Are...

Near the end of the night, Santana and Quinn, appointed by Brittany, count the ballots and they find out that Quinn won by one vote over Santana. She should be ecstatic, right? Wrong. She realizes she doesn't feel any different. After being self-centered earlier, the humble Quinn returns once more.

It comes as no surprise that Finn is announced as the Prom King. And we already know that Quinn won as well, but wait ... what's that? Principal Figgins pauses before saying the winner's name, leading us all to believe there'll be an upset of some kind. And there is: Winning just through write-in ballots, Rachel is crowned Prom Queen. My jaw dropped to the floor upon hearing this. I love this outcome, but I never saw it coming in a million years (though I was hoping it would be Becky). But the look that Santana and Quinn give to each other makes it obvious that they tampered with the results and changed the outcome.

As McKinley High's newest royalty take to the dance floor, Quinn stands up while she's dueting on "Take My Breath Away" with Santana. At first, many of the students and teachers are shocked, but apparently it wasn't revelatory enough or something because everyone goes back to dancing like nothing happened. You would think they'd make a bigger deal after seeing one of their own peers in a wheelchair for a while, but I guess it doesn't impress them. Oh well, you can't win them all.

This is one of those episodes that is hard not to love. It was all about our favorite Glee kids letting loose and having fun (and hearing fabulous Brittany one-liners along the way, and Becky absolutely stole the show every time she was in a scene). The best performance was probably when the guys took on One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful." I know boy bands get a bad rap, but there's no denying that's still a fantastic song (and still stuck in my head).

On the flip side, the strangest performance goes to Brittany with Kesha's "Dinosaur," but even that was fun to watch, weirdly enough. And finally, it was nice to see Rachel come to terms with her botched audition and realizing that her dreams are smaller now and she has to be more realistic.

Next week is a two hour Glee event that includes Nationals with Lindsay Lohan as one of the celebrity judges. Interestingly, the promo makes no mention of the body swap storyline that is at the center of the first hour. Even though there are fast glimpses of what could be this, they essentially don't mention it. Are they trying to make it a surprise? But no matter, I'm really looking forward to a full night of Glee, aren't you?

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