'Glee' Recap: 'Grease' Causes More Relationship Drama
'Glee' Recap: 'Grease' Causes More Relationship Drama
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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This week Glee performs Grease and it brings together the three young couples who broke up two episodes ago. The problem is that it changes nothing with any of them except causing more pain by having to see each other yet again.

There are also more massive plot holes than usual. Someone who's not even a student is allowed to play a major role in the musical. Kitty's latest plan to destroy Marley is so obviously transparent that it would never work (so, of course, it does). And Finn somehow gets a great review for directing Grease despite thinking that it's all about fixing cars.

The Return of Evil Sue

Will tells the glee club about his plan to leave until after Sectionals and let Finn take over. Tina is furious because Finn is not qualified and this is supposed to be her big senior year, but instead the stupid graduated seniors are stealing her spotlight. This will become a recurring theme.

Sue is equally furious with this absurd plot development and vows to return to her old ways of trying to destroy the glee club and the musical. She succeeds by reserving the auditorium to block rehearsals and calling up Unique's parents to get them to pull him out of the show because of the bullying that is sure to come from a guy playing Rizzo.

This is classic Sue. Yes, she's doing something mean, but she does seem genuinely concerned with Unique's well-being, so she's doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. Even in today's progressive society, a guy dressing in drag in high school is clearly going to lead to something bad.

Grease Rehearsals

Finn is forced to go method and stage Grease rehearsals at the Hummel Garage. It's there that he inspires his actors by telling them that the theme of Grease is fixing cars and getting grease under your fingernails. Does Artie really think he's doing Finn a favor by pretending that he's NOT a terrible director with no concept of what the show is about?

Kitty Targets Marley

Kitty invites the girls to her house for a slumber party because she allegedly wants to turn over a new leaf and get some friends. There must be something in the water supply of Lima that makes kids stupid, because there's no way anyone should believe her.

In fact, Kitty is sneaking in at night to change Marley's costumes so Marley thinks she's getting too fat, like her mom. Kitty suggests binging and purging to cut weight, and Marley eventually goes along with this plan.

Really? What about the fact that Marley's regular clothes all still fit exactly the same? This entire scheme seems very, very easy to disprove, yet no one is able to see it. Seriously, it must be the water.

Luckily for Marley, Ryder gives her a pep talk in the bathroom about wanting to kiss her. See, having a hot dude wanna make out with you solves all problems.

Santana Is the New Rizzo

With Unique out, Finn needs to recast Rizzo. Luckily Santana happens to be in town and knows the role by heart. I guess the fact that she's not actually a student doesn't matter to anyone. Except Tina. She walks in hoping to take over the role of Rizzo and is furious to learn Santana is there.

I'm kind of loving this very minor storyline where Tina is upset that all the seniors who were supposed to graduate and move on are now stealing her spotlight. It's a meta-commentary on the show itself and how Jenna Ushkowitz SHOULD be getting a chance to shine this season, but instead she's relegated to the background like always.

Rachel and Kurt in New York and Ohio

Rachel has a big audition for The Glass Menagerie with Peter Dinklage and wants to run lines with Brody, who has accepted a job as Cassandra's new TA. Rachel and Kurt debate whether or not they should go see Grease and Cassandra encourages them to go, mostly so she can have Brody all to herself.

Rachel and Kurt fly to Ohio to see Grease and have a super awkward moment with their exes backstage. Meanwhile, back in NYC, Cassandra and Brody (who is shirtless and INSANELY hot) dance together. And by dance, I mean foreplay, because it totally ends with them hooking up. They would make some majorly sexy babies.

"You're the One That I Want"

The actual production of Grease has some interesting effects on all those broken-up couples. Mike Chang wants Tina back and she seems open to it. And Santana seems to be having second thoughts about breaking up with Brittany.

During "You're the One That I Want," Rachel, Kurt, Finn and Blaine all fantasize about performing with their exes because the exes are the ones that they want. Only nothing actually changes.

Rachel is compelled to call Brody, but Cassandra answers because Brody is busy soaping up his chiseled body in the shower (which, regrettably, is not shown). Rachel is heartbroken that her teacher stole her man, but it's just another tough life lesson for her.

At McKinley, Finn is hurt that Rachel's relationship tears aren't about him, so they decide their break-up should be a clean break with no more communication. And Blaine tries to explain his cheating to Kurt, but Kurt doesn't trust him anymore and wants nothing to do with him.

So, in reality, absolutely nothing changed with the status of those relationships. Ideally Rachel and Kurt will fly back to New York, never to be heard from again. But I'm not that lucky.

Next week on Glee: Everyone dresses up like superheroes and the Warblers try to steal Blaine back.

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