'Glee' Recap: 'Funny Girl' Finally Opens on Broadway
'Glee' Recap: 'Funny Girl' Finally Opens on Broadway
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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Some familiar faces show up in this week's episode of Glee for Rachel's opening night on Broadway. While that's really the main focus, there are two side plots that involve Sue on a weird date with a Manhattan restaurateur named Mario (Chris Parnell) and Mr. Schue. However, despite the excitement of opening night of Funny Girl, I'm not really impressed.

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Getting Cold Feet

The day before opening night, Rachel is freaking out over poor reviews. Kurt rallies the troops for positive energy and bans her from the Internet until showtime. Tina arrives and quickly turns Rachel's good mood as she mentions random bad reviews. Overnight, she reads even more bad reviews and refuses to get out of bed.

Kurt sends in the troops again to no avail. However, Santana shows up and gives her a really nice pep talk, which seems to do the trick.

She sings "Lovefool" by The Cardigans in a nightmare sequence, which involved a few familiar faces from high school.

Mr. Schue and Sue Head to NYC

Mr. Schue has an extra ticket to the city for Rachel's opening night because Emma is pregnant and can't fly. Sue asks to use the ticket after she insults Manhattan on "Sue's Corner" and the network realizes she's never been there to back up her comments.

They sing "NYC" from Annie on their way to New York. Once they get there, they find out the hotel never changed the room to two beds, so Sue heads to the loft to stay with Rachel and Kurt. Awkward.

Opening Night Weirdness

The actual show goes off without a hitch. However, some weird stuff goes on during the show. First, Mr. Schue gets a call from Emma that she's in labor, so he rushes home and misses the show. Then Sue's randomly sitting next to a New York Times critic, proceeds to criticize the show and then walks out. As she walks out, she sees the same man she saw trying to scalp his ticket walk out too. They bump into each other in the lobby and immediately hit it off. I know, Sue is smitten!

Rachel nails all her songs from Funny Girl, including "I'm the Greatest Star" and "Who Are You Now?" But then it gets weird again, when Sue goes on a date with the mystery man, Mario. He cooks her dinner and then says he wishes she was up on stage singing. So they dance in the empty restaurant and she sings "Who Are You Now?" for him. More awkwardness!

After the show, to pass time before the reviews come out, the group skips the after-party and heads to a gay club where everyone loves Rachel. They sing "Pumpin' Blood" by the NoNoNos before coming home in the early morning hours.

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The Aftermath

When the gang arrives back at the apartment, they find Sue and Mario in Kurt's room. They inform everyone they've had sex all over the apartment. That's when Rachel tells off Sue and kicks them out.

The New York Times review comes out and, of course, it's amazing, praising Rachel and how great she was in the show.

Oh, and Mr. Schue makes it home in time for his son's birth. His name: Daniel Finn Schuester.

I was really mixed about this one. I was excited for opening night, but it was so predictable. I think I would have felt better if the review was bad. I know that's horrible, but it might have been more realistic. Then again, she did perform pretty well. Despite my wanting a bad review, I was happy for Rachel. I guess quitting school and following her dream paid off in the end.

The whole Sue storyline was hysterical. The random date, dancing, and make-out session were so awkward, but so funny. Plus, it actually showed a softer side to Sue, as Mario made her feel like a woman. And now, she doesn't hate New York anymore, but, rather loves it.

Glee airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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