'Glee' Recap: Finn Gets a New Role
'Glee' Recap: Finn Gets a New Role
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Glee is finally back with a new episode appropriately titled "The Role You Were Born to Play," and it's not just about casting Grease. Instead, it's about figuring out who you are and where you fit in. It wonderfully introduces new character Ryder (The Glee Project season 2 winner Blake Jenner) and puts the focus where it belongs, on McKinley High.

I'm sure there will be some fans who don't like an entire episode with absolutely NO Rachel or Kurt, but to me, it's like Heaven. This is the show I wish Glee would be from now on.

Blaine Cries a Lot

Following his break-up with Kurt, Blaine mopes around school. He doesn't even put gel in his hair on the weekends! He's super sad that his dream of spending the rest of his life with Kurt is no more. "THEN WHY DID YOU CHEAT ON HIM?" That's what I yelled at my TV, but sadly, Blaine did not respond.

I'm actually loving sad Blaine because he's SOOOO miserable that it's actually becoming comedic. The fact that he auditions for Grease, then drops out because he doesn't deserve to play a character in a love story, is hilarious.

Artie Directs Everything

Artie rolls up to the garage where Finn is working to force him to co-direct Grease with him, seemingly because he pities Finn and wants to give him something to do. Artie spends the whole episode acting like Finn's fairy godfather, giving him a purpose.

He even recruits Mercedes and Mike Chang to come back as vocal coach and choreographer. If you're wondering how they're able to take time off from their other lives, you're going to be left in the dark, because we learn NOTHING about what Mercedes is up to or how Mike can take time off of dance school.

We do learn that Tina is still angry at Mike for their break-up and refuses to audition for Grease because of it. He tries to talk her into it, but she still refuses. Then, miraculously, she gets a part anyway. I guess they deleted the scene where Tina changed her mind.

Finn Stalks Ryder

Finn needs to find a Danny since everyone in New Directions doesn't fit. So where do you go when you need to find a male singer for the lead in the school musical? Football practice, of course. Finn spies a sophomore named Ryder doing some awesome end zone dance moves. Target acquired.

Finn tracks him down in study hall and says that he should audition for the musical because it's a gateway drug to the glee club. Finn is clearly becoming the new Mr. Schuester, and by that, I mean creepily stalking high school kids.

The plot works and Ryder auditions, although he's still having trouble in school. That's a set-up for the big dyslexia storyline coming up, but that's not important now.

A Very Unique Rizzo

Wade dreams of being Rizzo, which he tells Marley in the girls' bathroom. The friendship between these two is incredibly sweet and natural, so much so that some of Marley's awesomeness is rubbing off on Wade.

The problem is that Sue overhears their plans and she is sick and tired of gender-bending teenage nonsense and will NOT let Wade play Rizzo.

When Finn decides to cast Unique anyway, Sue calls him into the principal's office to threaten Finn against it. He calls her a bigot, but she defends her legacy of fighting for gay rights at the school, but now she's going back to her old ways. Finn tries standing up to her, but when he says she should be more tolerant because she has "a retarded baby," Finn loses all credibility. Dude, Sue not wanting a guy to dress in drag in a school musical might be uncomfortable, but you can NOT throw around the R-word.

The Sandy/Danny Love Square

Ryder and Marley are set to be Danny and Sandy, but that's when Jake and Kitty show up. Jake is jealous that Ryder is making googly eyes at Marley, so he wants to audition to put a wedge between their chemistry. And Kitty wants to audition simply to destroy Marley for stealing her man. The result is a series of hilarious insults, the best being that Marley will soon blow up to her natural weight of 5,000 pounds and write her autobiography, 50 Shades of Gravy.

All four get called back for a fierce competition where Jake tries to keep Ryder and Marley apart while Kitty seemingly tries to murder Marley. It's kind of a love square, except NOBODY loves Kitty and Ryder seems altogether clueless and indifferent towards the romantic tension.

In the end, Ryder and Marley land the roles of Danny and Sandy, much to Kitty's disgust. She goes off in front of everyone, which makes me wonder why Finn would even cast her at all. Seriously, nobody likes her and she doesn't like anybody. What good could possibly come from having her around?

Wemma Counseling

Coach Beiste acts as couples' counselor for Will and Emma over the whole "He wants to go to Washington" fight. Will ultimately apologizes, then asks Emma again, nicely. She agrees, but it's obvious she doesn't want to. Beiste tries to tell her that lying is the worst thing you can do in a relationship (besides hitting).

That leads to Will and Emma having the adult conversation they should have had in the first place about how they're both mature, they don't want to resent each other, so Will should go for three months and Emma should stay. See, that wasn't so hard.

Finally Will tells Finn about his plans and asks him to take over New Directions. Finn agrees, since he's basically come to the realization that he's the new Will. I know it's so, so wrong, but I kind of hope Finn starts to develop a crush on Emma over the next three months.

Next week on Glee: It's time for Grease! And shirtless Brody. And Brody without his shirt on. And the bare-naked chest of Brody. That's one way to make me look forward to a Rachel storyline.

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