'Glee' Recap: Change Is Bad for Klaine and Finchel
'Glee' Recap: Change Is Bad for Klaine and Finchel
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Things are changing on Glee, and that's NOT good for the relationships, but it is good for the show. This week there's a change in the McKinley High student council, a potential big change for Will, a change in Kurt and Blaine's relationship, and a big change for Rachel and Brody that involves their tongues. Oh yeah, and Finn's back at the worst possible moment.

Blaine vs. Brittany

Blaine tries to fill the Kurt-sized hole in his heart by joining as many clubs as possible, including the Superhero Sidekicks Club where he dresses like Robin (and there's a guy dressed as Dr. Horrible, which is awesome in every conceivable way).

Blaine also feels like last year was all about the seniors and this is his time to shine. Clearly he didn't watch season 3, because Blaine was all over it. He ultimately decides to run for student council president against Brittany.

Brittany asks Artie to be her running mate (because for no discernible reason, there are running mates this year) in order to get the robot vote. Sam wonders why she didn't ask him to be her veep because they're BFFs (holy continuity, Glee writers!). Since Brittany thinks Sam is awesome, she tells Blaine to pick him as his running mate.

After makeovers to make Brittany and Sam more serious it's time for the debates. Artie has a 96-point plan to improve the school while Sam takes his clothes off. I think we can all agree Sam's abs won that debate.

Blaine is tired of Brittany's anti-hair gel tyranny, but it's Brittany's speech that is the game changer. She loves school so much (because it's where all of her friends are) that she wants to ban summers and weekends so they have school every single day. Needless to say, that's not the most popular platform.

Blaine and Sam win, which Brittany is kind of OK with because she adores Sam (and continues to snuggle up with him in what I maintain is further proof that those two are totally gonna be hooking up soon).

Blaine is less happy about the victory because Kurt is ignoring his phone calls. I know Kurt is all excited about his new career, but it's annoying that he's forgotten about his totally awesome and super sexy boyfriend so quickly. Kurt is being a jerk. As Blaine points out, the ONLY reason he transferred to McKinley was for Kurt (I'll try to ignore the fact that Blaine denied this last season).

Luckily for Blaine, he has Sam. Yes, this season Sam is becoming BFFs with everyone. First it was Marley, then Brittany, now he calls Blaine his "gay bro" and the Cyclops to his Wolverine. Sam rules! Might I suggest a stripping performance as a school fundraiser?

Will Needs a Purpose

Will admits in voiceover that he's completely out of ideas for New Directions. Sue suggests he should quit teaching because he's already achieved his dream (offering "pedophile birthday clown" as an alternative profession).

Inspiration strikes during a meeting where Will is in charge of deciding the rules for the show choir competition (which gives Glee plenty of opportunities to make fun of how arbitrary, random and inconsistent the rules have been on the show). Kirk from Gilmore Girls is also on the committee, but he doesn't get nearly enough screentime.

Will decides he wants to make a difference by applying for a Blue Ribbon Panel about arts education in Washington D.C., but if he gets it, he'll have to leave the kids behind. How is this any different than that whole "Will wants to go to New York to try to be on Broadway" storyline?

Kurt Lucks Into a Job

In NYC, Kurt goes in for his internship interview at Vogue.com and gets it, mostly because the senior editor is overly nice and supportive. She's Isabelle, played by Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker, and I have no idea what to make of her character. I'm so used to seeing fashion editors be ruthless ice bitches (The Devil Wears Prada, Ugly Betty) that her character lacks any sense of reality. She says she feels like she lucked into a job she doesn't deserve, and I agree.

She can't say "No," and when Kurt and Rachel sneak into the office at midnight to give Rachel a makeover, Isabelle finds them and, instead of firing him on the spot like any halfway decent fashion editor would do, she join them in making a fashion video and singing a song.

The next day Anna Wintour loves the idea and suddenly Kurt is a hotshot invited to pitch meetings while Isabelle suggests he should pursue a career in fashion instead of singing. This whole thing seems like a bad message to send to kids watching the show. Hey, don't go to college, just move to New York, score a huge apartment you can afford because money grows on trees, then land your dream job because finding work is super easy these days.

Brochel vs. Finchel

Fresh off her makeover, Rachel does an annoyingly awful version of Sheryl Crow's "A Change Would Do You Good" with Brody, then invites him over for dinner. Dinner leads to kissing, but then there's a knock at the door. I'll give you three guesses who it is, and if they aren't all Finn, you're an idiot.

Yup, Finn is back, and he busted up Rachel's date. That's gonna be awkward.

Next week on Glee: The show becomes a relationship drama as it appears Will and Emma, Kurt and Blaine and Rachel and Finn are all about to break up. As the guy from The New Normal said, get ready for a million teen tears.

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