'Glee' Recap: Getting Your Glitz On
'Glee' Recap:  Getting Your Glitz On
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Glee needs some joy after the last episode's heartache. From the description it seems we may get it in the form of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. That's well and good but I hope this doesn't turn into a theme episode. Nothing can top their Beatles shows.

Shue enters the room with a list of the show choirs competing at National. One name, Throat Explosion, sends Tina into a screaming fit. Both Blaine and she know that this is the Lady Gaga of show choirs who log more hours in rehearsal and have unlimited funds for costumes. Our Glee is like Kathy Perry. Shue agrees and challenges them to find their inner Gaga or Katy. This week they must perform the opposite of what they feel.

Lambert in NY

In New York, Kurt arrives at the diner to recruit members for his band. He asks Santana, Rachel and Dani to audition. When Rachel refuses, Kurt reminds her that Finn would want her to continue her life (ah, our first Finn reference).

Meanwhile in Ohio, Sam's crush on the Nurse Penny continues and she has a new tattoo. She sees a picture of True Jackson in his locker and he calls Jackson's life his dream job. She asks Sam if he was really an erotic entertainer. He admits it and asks her for a date which she refuses as she's going to a Nine Inch Nail's concert. Sam immediately tells Blaine about it, who encourages the Gaga look while Artie and Kitty admit their love. Suddenly Becky appears and declares her love of Artie? Where did that come from? Becky has had a personality transplant!

In New York, we have Adam Lambert folks - and life is good. (I'm so lucky to draw this show!) He's Starchild and he out glitzs and glams Kurt.This of course makes Kurt upset to the point he doesn't want Starchild in the band. Lambert's costume reminds me of a cross between his usual style and the Mad Hatter. His song though is fantastic and done in his usually over the top, showmanship style. Kurt sees him as a threat while Santana loves him. Since it's Kurt's band, it's thanks but good-bye. Boo. Kurt, grow up!

Going Gaga

At McKinley, even Sue has gone Gaga as has her new spy, Bree, wrapped in caution tape, makes a report. Sue is not impressed with the choir's activities for the week and actually says something about people being who they are, which brings us to Marley who wants her date with Jake to be BreadStixs and a "G" rated movie. He wants more but ends up agreeing with her.

Sam meets with the group to organize a "Gaga" number. It's going to be a song from "Applause." He invites Penny to come and she agrees. He also gets Becky to help promote the performance who shows up in a white box outfit. During the late morning announcements, which Sue interrupts class for, Becky shows a video inviting all to the Gaga show that afternoon. The show is different with a mix of classical costumes that could be seen as Gaga until Marley, dressed as Katy Perry, comes out. Shue suspends Marley for the rest of the week because she didn't act like a team player.

Rachel likes Starchild's audition tape but Kurt reminds her that it is his band. Kurt sees Starchild as edgy which doesn't work for him. And then the truth comes out. Kurt's jealous of Rachel's and Santana's success. Rachel reminds him that he's a true talent and that Starchild may be as well. Kurt didn't get his name or phone number but that doesn't matter. Starchild, or Elliott Gilbert, shows up at the restaurant while Kurt is working and they discover they have a lot in common. With that the two of them become friends and a group is born.

Marley is hurting because she was suspended for the costume during the Gaga routine. She and Jake talk and they end up in her bedroom in a heavy make out session. When she stops it, she accuses him of only wanting sex. He tells her no but she rejects him and he goes off to find Bree who will search for a private place for time with him.

Perry or Gaga?

Sam talks to Nurse Penny and learns that she's really a Perry person not a Gaga person. He immediately convinces her to come see the Perry routine which is very simple on a bare stage with only stools. She loves the routine and lays her head on his shoulder - how sweet.

In New York Santana, Dina, Kurt and Elliott are discussing names for the band when Rachel comes back after a depressing rehearsal. She comes up with a comment that makes Kurt go crazy. She's given him an idea for the group's name (which I didn't catch) and will sing with the group.

Tina arrives in the choir room with the announcement that Throat Explosion is doing their Applause number which sends all into a panic. Add to that, Sue's entrance and her suspending the choir due to their costumes. Shue declares war and the students take up his cry with Perry's "Roar." They stalk Sue and end the performance on stage in "jungle wear".

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