'Glee' Recap: Where McKinley High's Prom Meets 'Carrie'
'Glee' Recap: Where McKinley High's Prom Meets 'Carrie'
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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It's time for prom at McKinley and Tina, Kitty, Artie, and Blaine are vying for prom queen and king, except Tina turns into a diva-version of herself with the sudden fame. In New York, Santana films a hilarious yeast infection commercial, and she meets Demi Lovato, err, Dani.


In last week's premiere, we saw Tina all sad, depressed and grouchy, but now she's the fearless nominee for prom queen. She gets a huge head about it, even turning down Sam as her date now that she's got some attention. They really need to figure out what to do with Tina -- there needs to be a happy medium rather than dragging her to both extremes because she's the least likable character right now.

She breaks out into song, and the best thing happens when the bell rings and the band abruptly stops playing. Saved by the bell!

In New York, we get to see Santana's HILARIOUS yeast infection cream commercial: "I like yeast in my bagel, not in my muffin." Okay, don't kids/pre-teens/whatever watch this show??

Anyway, naturally Rachel's sad since Santana became the first of her group to book a gig in New York, not her, but she's not actually jealous of this particular line of work because come on, it's yeast infection cream. 

Get Back

Now that Kitty's dating Artie, she's no longer hating on everyone. She's even publicly shown her support for Tina, saying that as a sophomore, she has plenty of time to be prom queen. 

Since a Cheerio hasn't won prom queen in quite some time, that show of support doesn't go over well with Bree, whose neck really frightens me as she's yapping at Kitty and making bigoted remarks about Tina and kimchi. When it comes to bullies, I thought I've seen it all on Glee, but Bree's on a whole new level.

The Cheerios put up fliers of Kitty all over the school (her face on Olivia Munn's body), making it seem like she put them up herself. This makes Tina furious, and the rest of the glee club can't believe Kitty would do such a thing, rather than believe her. She might be trying to turn a new leaf, but it's trust isn't exactly easy to gain.

Here Comes the Sun

We meet Dani, who first pretends not to a be a lesbian, which Santana totally falls for. It's cute seeing Santana out of her element as Dani clearly makes her nervous -- usually it's the other way around. But, as Santana tells Rachel, Dani's the first real lesbian she's been interested in because Brittany, etc. were all bisexuals.

Plus the whole struggling artist thing, complete with her guitar, makes Dani even more attractive. And then add in watching the sun before breaking out into a beautiful rendition of "Here Comes the Sun" with Santana? Forget The X Factor, is Demi permanently part of Glee yet? 

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club

Tina arrives in style to prom with a gigantic designer dress and her single ladies. What she doesn't know is that Bree recruited Dottie for a prank at prom since Dottie's sick of Tina bossing her around. 

It's all a bit predictable, but even so, the way they reveal it is pretty sad. Stoner Brett and Tina get named prom king and queen, and as she's up on stage, Dottie pulls on a lever that brings down a bucket of red slushie. Kitty saw it as it was happening but couldn't really do anything in time. At first I thought she was going to run and she be the one to get slushied. But nope.

Then the bucket knocks Stoner Brett in the head, and suddenly the scene is kind of funny. 

Hey Jude

Tina is hysterical as she's crying inside the music room. She's wanting to go home because she can't face anyone. I know what happened to her was horrifying, but I can't seem to find the sympathy for her, especially when she's talking about her lousy life and how she just wanted her one happy night. Teenagers. So dramatic.

The rest of the girls pretty her up, Kitty even gives Tina her dress, she gets her bouquet and crown and all is right in the world again.

Nice try, Bree, but Tina Cohen Chang accepts your vote as prom queen! 

Except then Bree gets made captain of the Cheerios by Sue even though I thought she was no longer the coach. Sue admires the way she hates glee club and gives her her blessing to make their lives miserable. In her words: "I want it to get weird."

Let It Be

Back in New York, Kurt's now working at the diner -- I mean, did they really need Santana to move there for him and Rachel to realize they needs jobs?

While working, Rachel gets called for a specific customer, and it's the Funny Girl producer and everyone but Rachel sees what's coming. She's got the part of Fanny Brice! Well, I guess she's no longer working at the diner now.

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