'Glee' Prom Recap: It's Bad to Be the Queen
'Glee' Prom Recap: It's Bad to Be the Queen
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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This week Glee does prom, and while the show gets on its soap box a little bit, I was actually won over by the light-hearted charm of the episode. There was some great advice from Kurt's dad, fantastic singing by Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele, a slap, and shout-outs to "Run Joey, Run." Best of all, I found myself laughing a lot, which is all I ask for when watching Glee. I don't even mind the fact that the big twist was totally spoiled by that stupid extra.

Kurt and Blaine

Kurt asks "Blaine Warbler" to prom, but Blaine is haunted by memories of his first dance with a boy where he was beaten up by some bullies. Wow, that's just some seriously heavy crap to lay on us at the start of an episode.

Later Kurt shows off his prom outfit to Blaine, Finn and his dad, and it's a full-on homage to Prince William's wedding attire, complete with the kilt. Burt and Blaine both think Kurt is being a little impractical and is just trying to get some attention. THANK YOU! Being gay is about sexual orientation, not about a fabulous wardrobe, and Burt and Blaine are smart enough to realize Kurt is trying way too hard to be a gay stereotype who forces everyone to act the way he wants them to act.

At school, the bullying has stopped and Kurt thinks it's because no one cares. He has another chat with Karofsky, who then breaks down in tears over what he did. Um, that came out of NOWHERE.

Rachel, Mercedes, Sam and Jesse

These two divas are without a date, and while they love talking about how strong women don't need a man, secretly they dream of being dainty princesses because, deep down, I guess all women want a big, strong man to sweep them off their feet. That's not me saying that, it's what I took away from Glee. So then they pay Sam $20 to be their date, but not in a weird, dirty threesome kind of way. The funniest part is Sam revealing that last week was his birthday and no one noticed, which makes super poor Trouty Mouth even sadder.

The trio becomes a foursome when the delightful Jonathan Groff returns as Rachel's ex, Jesse. He joins her in the middle of a duet of "Rolling in the Deep," and it's so good that I think everyone should forgive Glee for "Run Joey, Run." To be honest, I actually liked that song, so I don't see why others (Sue included) are being such haters.

The Prom

Prom kicks off with a raucous performance of Rebecca Black's "Friday," which is an entertaining song even if it is God-awful. Sadly, Artie's hideous red suit and poofy hair almost kill it, as does the fact that the prom takes place on Saturday, so the song doesn't even make sense.

Later Jesse gets frisky with Rachel on the dance floor and Finn steps in, because he's still in love with Rachel and too stupid to realize he's there with the hottest girl in school. They fight and Sue ejects the guys from the prom. Afterward in the bathroom, Quinn finally slaps Rachel, and that seems to solve all of their problems. Quinn let off some steam and Rachel loves an overly dramatic slap, even when she's on the receiving end.

The King and Queen

I guess the Bully Whips paid off, because Karofsky wins Prom King. But for Prom Queen, there were a ton of write-in votes, and the winner is ... Kurt! It's not that surprising given the extra who spoiled it, but what is exciting is that Kurt is mortified and runs off. I was terrified that Glee was going to turn this into some ridiculous moment of tolerance, but instead it's the result of all the other students making fun of Kurt.

I guess everyone isn't as indifferent as he thought. He cries to Blaine about how everyone hates gay people, and while what they did was awful, I think there's more to it. If it was Blaine who went to McKinley, I doubt the students would've played this joke because he's not as showy with his wardrobe. I'm just saying that it's not JUST about Kurt being gay, it's about the kind of gay he is. So maybe his dad had a point.

However, Kurt never misses a chance to feel morally superior to everyone, so he puts on a brave face, accepts his crown and then says "Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton." Then everyone laughs and applauds, which makes no sense since they supposedly just pulled a mean-spirited joke on him. Kurt tries to make an even bigger statement by urging Karofsky to come out, but instead Karofsky runs away. I'm glad Karofsky didn't cave to Kurt's demands, because Kurt isn't in charge of his life and he should let Karofsky come out when he's ready. Ironically, in that moment, it was Kurt who was bullying Karofsky.

The big final number of Mercedes and Santana singing ABBA's "Dancing Queen" makes no sense all around. Not only does everyone suddenly love Kurt for being a good sport about the cruel joke, but Brittany seems to get back with Artie despite vowing not to and Quinn is smiling and happy despite losing prom queen and having her boyfriend kicked out because he still loves Rachel. Prom really is magical, because everyone's problems are temporarily solved.

The Music

"Rolling in the Deep" (Adele) by Jesse and Rachel: These two great singers got the chance to belt their hearts out and create one of the best vocal performances this show has ever seen.

"Isn't She Lovely?"  (Stevie Wonder) by Artie: For the second week in a row, Artie gets emotional, which is a tad boring.

"Friday" (Rebecca Black) by Artie, Sam and Puck: The song is awful, but it's also painfully catchy. I just wish Glee did something with it besides copy the original, heavily auto-tuned arrangement.

"Jar of Hearts" (Christina Perri) by Rachel: Two big Rachel songs in one episode? Amidst all the reliance on computers, it's nice to just hear her sing a song.

"I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You" (Black Kids) by Blaine, Tina and Brittany: This was Blaine doing what Blaine does best: fun, bubble gum pop.

"Dancing Queen" (ABBA) by Santana and Mercedes: A simple karaoke version of the original, it pales in comparison to the last time these two got to duet for real with "River Deep - Mountain High."

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