Glee: Previewing Episode 9 "Wheels"
Glee: Previewing Episode 9 "Wheels"
Good morning, gleeks.  How's the past three weeks gone for you?  Was it hard?  Yeah, I can feel.  Watching stuff we've seen before, listening to stuff we've heard before, it doesn't quite cut it.  Well, three weeks is over, and tonight, Glee returns, so...

...can I have a huge "oh yeah!" around here?  Yeah, that feels good.

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Glee finally returns tonight with what many have called one of the series' most emotional episodes yet, and I guess it's not along the vein of Will and Emma's heartbreak-inducing moments a few weeks back.  Tonight, Artie takes the spotlight as the glee kids pitch in to help him get to Regionals.  But there's a lot of things to watch out for, too.  Here's what we know so far:

One, Kurt and Rachel will have what they call a "diva-off", and it all ends with the two sharing "Defying Gravity".  Well, yes, we've heard that song already, whether you downloaded it on iTunes on bought the Glee soundtrack like I did, and from the sounds of it, it seems we'll be blown away.  Personally, I'm surprised at Kurt's voice again.

Two, the Artie-Tina seeds are sown tonight, and I still don't have an idea how it will go, partly because I never saw it coming.

Three, we get to see a bit of Sue's personal life.  They say it's another soft side to her.  You mean she doesn't spend her off-school days attempting to make beef bone smoothies on her already wrecked juicer?  You mean she has a pet cat?  A pet dog?

And, of course, the glee kids performing in wheelchairs.  Glee finally returns tonight with an all-new episode from 9pm on Fox.  Oh yeah, gleeks, we have something to celebrate about.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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