Glee: Previewing Episode 8 "Mash-Up"
Glee: Previewing Episode 8 "Mash-Up"
Make the most out of tonight, gleeks, for we won't have anything new to play with for the next two weeks.

On tonight's Glee--before it gives way to baseball--things get ridiculously topsy-turvy back at McKinley High.  Somebody please explain the slushy attacks?  Suddenly, Finn and Quinn are at the bottom of the cool chart (which explains why they're wearing shades, to funny effect).  I don't really know why--must be the confirmation that Quinn's pregnant?  Backlash because she's all for celibacy and he's... well, he doesn't know his rights from his lefts?  May I suggest an armband?

That aside, though, it is a waste of slushies.  So what should we expect on tonight's episode?

One, we get to meet Puck's mom.  Which means Puck will probably introduce Rachel to his mom.  Oh, right, Puck and Rachel will start drifting towards each other.  I still think he's frustrated with Quinn's baby, and she's frustrated with Finn's "baby", so it's a natural thing, right?  He'll sing her a song, she'll sing him a song, and they'll share a scene in someone's bed.  Naturally, because he's a Puckerman.

Two, we get to see Emma again.  And you must've seen the video of Will singing Emma this totally inappropriate song, well, considering that (1) he's married, (2) she's going to be married, and (3) it's pretty suggestive.  But we love it anyway.  The video's a much clearer copy now (thanks Kim!) so you can watch it without sounding muffled... or you can wait for tonight.  Which leads me to wonder: Will makes a mash-up for a special occasion.  Must be the marriage, right?

Three, Sue is in love.  I seriously thought it only happened to Julia Child's sister, but no, it also happens to Sue Sylvester.  It'd be funny if it was a guy; it'd be funnier if it was a girl.  Perhaps more natural, meta-references and all.

Things get icy before the two-week break on tonight's Glee from 9pm on Fox.  Let's all have a slushy party in our living rooms, shall we?

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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