Glee: Previewing Episode 4 "Preggers"
Glee: Previewing Episode 4 "Preggers"
Fingers crossed, tonight's episode of Glee catches up with everybody else.  Well, sure, there were sparkling moments, but you can smell the disappointment from here--and no, it's not stinking up the office like the "smell of failure" Sue was talking about.

Then again, it seems tonight's episode will catch up.  For one, Kurt will continue the coming-out journey that he began last week, when he (momentarily?) broke Mercedes' heart by admitting that he's gay.  Of course, his dad is the sort of guy who gets really furious when he discovers a "hope chest" that's full of tiaras, and the least he could do now is to somehow compel him to join the football team.

In a bit of irony, Kurt takes the complete reverse of Finn's route.  Maybe they are meant to be?  Well, not really, but at least we get football players goofing off in the middle of the field.  When Kim said Kanye will love this episode, she wasn't lying.

Also catching up with the rest of us is Sue, who'll be back with another plan to take down glee club.  With the Dakota Stanley approach not living up to expectations (height-wise too, heh!) she's teaming up with Sandy for yet another subtly-diabolical plan.  So Sandy now blames Will for the Josh Groban hoopla?  I blame it on the medical ma-ma-ma-ma-marijuana.

And then there's Finn and Quinn, the rhyming couple, who'll get some life-changing news.  I still stick with the belief that she'll be pregnant, because it fits: the head of the chastity club, pregnant?  With someone who always thinks of mailmen?  Then again, maybe not--unless there was a time when she was really, really, reeeally drunk.  Glee returns tonight from 9pm on Fox.  The photos have long been prepared, and can be seen below.  The songs and quotes?  We'll get to that tomorrow.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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