Glee: Previewing Episode 3 "Acafellas"
Glee: Previewing Episode 3 "Acafellas"
I didn't finish last week's Glee with a new earworm.  Then again, I realized that Lea Michele can do "Take A Bow" so much better than Rihanna--and, I dare say, Kanye West.

But at least everything's set up for the next ten episodes or so.  We now know that Rachel does have feelings for Finn.  We now know that Quinn will also sing, if only to spy for Sue and spy on Finn.  We now know that Will has to deal with so many people just to get his way: Sue, Terri (why do you have to insist on a grand foyer when you're not pregnant in the first place?), Principal Figgins, and inevitably, Emma.

I still find that "All By Myself" scene funny.

This week on Glee, the glee club still finds itself taking baby steps, but it loses Will--at least temporarily--when he is tasked to perform at the upcoming PTA meeting.  So, while we get a chance to see Puck and Coach Ken sing alongside Will and Finn, Rachel decides to take charge once again and hire another choreographer to get them ready for regionals.  Oh, Rach, we get it, you are a star, made out of choice DNA bits and a turkey baster.

Back home, Will finds himself in a little more trouble, as Terri tells him yet another bit of news (what, you're having a "daughter" rather than a "son"?) just when his dad comes along.  Oh, right, if you've seen the photos already, you'll know that Victor Garber plays Will's dad.  It does come in the family, right?  The singing?

If you've seen the photos, you also know that Josh Groban will be dropping by just to give everyone a thumbs-up, and to give bad news to Sandy, whose appearance in this episode baffles me.  So what exactly is he doing back here?

And then there's Mercedes falling in love.  I thought it's Kurt, but now, I don't think so... that's Glee, returning tonight from 9pm on Fox.  And, again, you can catch a rerun this Friday, also at 9pm.

Will we have an earworm tonight?  I trust "Mercy" is a good earworm...

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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