Glee: Previewing Episode 2 "Showmance"
Glee: Previewing Episode 2 "Showmance"
Last week on Glee... wait a minute, that ain't right.  I mean, this is (technically) the second episode in the series, but the mix of anticipation and promotion meant we've seen the first episode last May.  So let me change that a bit.

Last May on Glee, everyone got together: Will, with his dreams of reliving his glory days; Rachel, with her dreams of being a star; and Kurt, Mercedes and Tina, with their dreams of being accepted.  Makes some sense so far.  Throw in a jock who's a hesitant singer, a strict--and that's an understatement--cheerleading coach who's out to get everyone else, and all of their friends, and you have, well, something in your hands.

The thing with dealing with this one episode is, we know everything about it like the back of our hands (to quote my favorite band, Keane), more or less.  Thus, it's pretty hard to describe what came before; we just know it.  So I'm guessing you don't need that many introductions anymore.  You had many chances (and still do) to watch the pilot, and now we're finally moving to the second episode.

(It took three paragraphs for me to say that?  Something is wrong with me.)

Glee finally returns tonight from 9pm on Fox, and we see the club perform in public for the first time.  Good chance, I reckon, to impress people, especially the skeptics--and we all know how many of them out there.  But there's bound to be snags, as always.  Well, I'm just guessing that.  For one, there's Quinn, Finn's cheerleader girlfriend--it rolls down the tongue nicely, eh?--who realizes that Rachel's got feelings for him, too.  Uh-oh.  Dissing cheerleader versus MySpace singer.

And then there's Will, who's had to go through the wringer that is his wife Terri: the first episode alone had discussions about her shopping, their situation, and the incoming baby.  And she's got more news too, which will force Will to make ends meet further.  Maybe, say, sell medical marijuana like Sandy does?

Again, Glee makes it way to (most of) us tonight from 9pm on Fox.  If you miss it, there's a rerun this coming Friday, also at 9pm.  And, in case you haven't seen it--and I doubt you haven't--here are all the photos from tonight's episode.  Finally, new earworms!

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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