Glee: Previewing Episode 11 "Hairography"
Glee: Previewing Episode 11 "Hairography"
With news that we'll have to face four months without Glee, I think we have more than enough reasons to make the most of tonight's episode, and the next two episodes, right? Well, I'll give them a chance, since the crew still have to shoot most of the back nine... but four months? Man, that is long.

But that's the least of our worries tonight, as New Directions inches closer and closer to sectionals. Wheee, sectionals! Sue is still up to no good on tonight's episode--after realizing that Rod meant "swing" in a different way, she's back to her devious ways, leaking Will's competitive set list to the other school they'll go up against! Not good, Sue. Not good. But at least you're back.
So Will, in an effort to do some damage control, will tour around the two other schools they go up against with. Of course, that means Grace Hitchens, also known as guest star Eve--she's glee club head over at Jane Adams, that school for female juvee offenders, and for one reason or another they end up rehearsing at McKinley High, and weird stuff happens. Also showing up as part of that glee club are three contestants from season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance: Katee Shean, Comfort Fedoke, and Kherington Payne.

The other thing is, we will also get to meet the glee kids from the all-deaf school--and we get treated to their take on John Lennon's "Imagine". I suggest you prepare tissues tonight.

Still for damage control, Will now has to change their set list considerably, and that means a mash-up of "Hair" and "Crazy In Love"--and, also, makeovers! Big hair! Kurt gives Rachel one, but surely all he wants is to have Finn for himself, right?

That, plus a new car, a solo for Tina and Kendra's triplets doing wonders for Puck-Quinn fans, on tonight's Glee, from 9pm on Fox. The photos, well, you surely have seen them already...

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