'Glee' Preview: The Puckster is Baaaack!
'Glee' Preview: The Puckster is Baaaack!
Yes, the photo accompanying this preview is correct. They will indeed throw Puck into the dumpster.

Many things will happen on tonight's Glee. As the episode title suggests, someone will get laryngitis, and it happens to be Rachel, the person who's pulling the weight on New Directions. (If you've seen the YouTube clip of her doing a pitch-perfect "The Climb," you know you're in for a very off-key ride.) There's also Kurt trying to impress his dad by changing his persona, which probably means him ditching the show tunes and making out with Brittany...

But the bit that gets me giddy for tonight is, admittedly, Puck's side of the story. So he's no longer popular, right? What do you do? Shave the mohawk, of course! Or maybe not.

No, Puck will try to beat his feelings of worthlessness by gunning for Mercedes. After all, she's a Cheerio, she's popular, and if he dates her, he becomes popular, right? Well, he's got to get her name right first.

I sense a lot of awkward sauce on the horizon, especially since Mercedes was the first person Puck first told that he was the father of Quinn's baby. But isn't he basically going out with Quinn again? And aren't Quinn and Mercedes are close to becoming besties? Wouldn't that be a load of awkward sauce?

Well, that does prove that Puck is willing to do anything to be popular again. I bet next time he'll be watching Brittany hum along to Rachel's off-key "The Climb" and go, "That was just amazing." Or maybe there will be more awkward sauce.

Glee returns tonight at 9pm on Fox. But to be safe, you might want to set your DVR to record an extra ten minutes. You never know what American Idol is up to.

(Image courtesy of Fox)