'Glee' Preview: 'It's Gonna Be Madge-ical'
'Glee' Preview: 'It's Gonna Be Madge-ical'
Yes, I know, some of you were a bit disappointed with last week's Glee. But I'll say it again: that episode serves as a set-up for what's going to happen in the next two months. Tonight is when the really awesome things start. And by awesome, I mean Madonna.

Okay, I'll admit, I'm not a Madonna fan, but I've listened to enough of her songs to be excited for this episode. Imagine a television show devoting an entire hour to arguably one of the most important artists of our time. And imagine the comedy material! There's much more than Sue wearing a conical bra for "Vogue". (I presume you've seen Glee's shot-by-shot remake of that? If you haven't, click here.)

Say, it's funny knowing why Madonna fever would take over McKinley High. You won't believe what Sue does that will lead Will to have his glee kids perform Madonna's songs. Sure, Will gave that assignment because he thinks the guys are not giving the girls the respect they deserve, but he would've done something else, right? Like have the guys dress up as girls?

But the Madonna loving serve only as a backdrop to three huge events that will happen in tonight's episode. One, there's Kurt and Mercedes giving Sue a makeover--what's supposedly part of their plan turns into something else different. Clue: "4 Minutes".

Two, someone will do something pretty big, something that will shake up New Directions for the next few weeks. And no, it's not Sue. She's too busy singing "Vogue".

Three--and I'll never tire of saying this--you'll have to catch what the show does with "Like A Virgin". If last week's events served as a set-up, let's call this week's events a climax... well, at least to one pair.

It's also going to be a heavy night music-wise, since we'll have seven performances. (Who sings what? I've got the details here.) I've got a sneak peek on a couple of them, in photo form. The first three are the girls doing their declaration of independence...




...and this one is of everyone performing "Like A Prayer".


Don't forget, the special mini-album dedicated to this episode also hits stores today. Speaking of which, I've got to drop by the nearest store to buy that. Glee's "Madge-ical" episode airs tonight from 9pm on Fox. And yes, really, trust Kurt on this. It's Madge-ical.

(Image courtesy of Fox)