'Glee' Season 5 Premiere Recap: Enemies 'Come Together' for Kurt and Blaine
'Glee' Season 5 Premiere Recap: Enemies 'Come Together' for Kurt and Blaine
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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The return of Glee with the first of two Beatles-themed episode started with "Love, Love, Love," where Blaine uses the opportunity to plan a grand, over-the-top engagement, all while promising he'll never, ever cheat on Kurt again. Ever.

Oh, and although "Come Together" wasn't covered in this episode, and won't be in the next one either, I couldn't help it. Sorry I'm not sorry.


In New York, Rachel is saddened over not nailing her Funny Girl audition so she strolls through the park and thinks about how all her troubles are here to stay. How depressing. Santana gets her a job waitressing at the diner with her because Rachel has to pay her dues. Plus, it's like they're working actresses.

While working, Rachel recognizes the Funny Girl people when they come into the diner, and decides to face them, practically stomping her foot and slamming her fist down at the table as she declares she's a star! And she sings her way through "A Hard Day's Night" because life is sooo tough. Yeah! Because that will get through to them. They don't disagree that she won't be a star, just not right now.

And that's all we get from Rachel in New York. No complaints from here.

You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

At McKinley, Principal Figgins is out and Sue Sylvester is in. She's able to return because Becky confessed and is serving a one-month suspension (not even gonna go there). Then Sue plants a ton of ridiculous evidence that gets him fired. Now he's the janitor, and that's who Sue is going to torture from now on -- not Mr. Schu and Coach Roz, surprisingly. She just now demands that those two deliver national championships.

At glee club, it's so obvious that Artie and Kitty are dating. I mean, she sits on his lap and they wheel through the halls without a care in the world. But when new Cheerio Bree (not like the cheese) confronts them about it, they maintain that they're just friends. Or are they? They know they're not just friends, so what's the problem?

Like every problem that couples have at McKinley, they're more worried about their status. So Kitty asks to keep their blooming love a secret. But, they're still cute in that sickly Glee way like them meeting under the stars in the science room and Kitty leaving notes in the ceiling for Artie to see. Fun and forbidden love is so much fun, isn't it?!

In all seriousness, they're cute. He gives it right back to her whenever she gets smart. Plus, he came clean to his mom because of Kitty and now he's been accepted to the Brooklyn Film Academy -- more people conveniently in New York!

Got to Get You Into My Life

Kurt's visiting Blaine at McKinley outside during lunch, and they're contemplating the status of their relationship. Aaaagain, with Blaine telling Kurt that he loves him and that he won't cheat  on him again -- he thought they were through, he swears! It's the same thing we've heard last season, but since this is the premiere, our memory has to be refreshed. 

Kurt's demeanor still doesn't sound like he's fully on board. Blaine probably sensed this and so he had something planned, of course. But wait, Kurt has a song planned, complete with the marching band.

And with that hop, skip and a jump, Klaine is back together!


It turns out Blaine still has that little idea of an engagement still in his head. And here I thought he had forgotten about it or that the ring had gotten lost in fog of all the spray in his hair. No such luck. And only Sam is excited among New Directions.

Blaine isn't just going to do ordinary proposal because ordinary proposals are soo boring. He wants to make a cultural statement. And what better way to do that than with The Beatles. 

But The Beatles alone aren't good enough for Blaine. It's The Beatles plus New Directions, the Warblers, plus Vocal Adrenaline, PLUS the Haverford School for the Deaf. He runs through the halls of McKinley (that's the only thing I never did in high school that now I wish I had) with the rest of glee club as they sing "Help" and they enlist in all their glee club enemies. Everyone's in!

I Saw Her Standing There

Tina has turned into cranky, mean, bitter Tina who just needs someone to unleash her emotions on. Her eyes are set on Artie when she confronts him about Kitty, and he tells her the truth. Then, Tina announces in front of the glee club that those two are together but that Kitty's just embarrassed. Such a drama queen, that Tina Cohen Agitator.

But her plan to get everyone mad backfires. Kitty says to hell with her status, they're going Facebook official!

Blaine, noticing how grumpy Tina's been, gets together with Sam, Jake and Ryder and they make the girls go crazy while dressed and performing like The Beatles. Then the guys let Tina pick one of them as her prom date, and she picks Sam because he's the least gay and Asian. Makes total sense to me.

All You Need Is Love

Kurt's dad is on the way to driving Kurt to get proposed to, and it turns out Kurt's already figured it out. How? Not sure, since before this moment coming up, we've only seen Klaine in the moment of getting back together. But details, details. 

Burt reveals that Blaine asked for some sort of blessing, it sounds like whether he approved or didn't, Burt told Blaine what he really thought. Damn.

But then Burt turns in Burt, and although he's tough and honest, gives the best advice, like how even though he married Kurt's mom at 22, he now wishes they married like a decade ago. 

The whole scene is pretty spectacular, as Kurt is greeted first by Blaine then Rachel, Santana and Mercedes, and then is led through Dalton Academy, where Klaine first met. Blaine, for the first time in a long time, doesn't make me want to punch my television as he stares up at Kurt with his big puppy eyes as he tells him he loves him, and then gets down on one knee.

And Kurt says yes! Because in the Glee world, all you need is love.

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