'Glee' Poll: Are Blaine's Bow Ties Cool or Lame?
'Glee' Poll: Are Blaine's Bow Ties Cool or Lame?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
There's a lot going on at McKinley in the third season of Glee. There are two elections, two glee clubs, a production of West Side Story, a brewing custody battle and many students planning for college. But amid all of that, I'm focused on Blaine's wardrobe.

In season 2, Kurt's boyfriend was a Warbler and, as such, was stuck in his Dalton Academy uniform for nearly every episode. Now that he's at McKinley, however, he's free to dress however he wants, and that unfortunately involves lots of bow ties.

I first became bothered by his wardrobe during his Tom Jones performance in the Glee season 3 premiere with his short-sleeved black shirt and bow tie. I was even more saddened to learn that his love of bow ties isn't a one-time thing. In "I Am Unicorn," we see Blaine wearing a black-and-white striped shirt with suspenders and a giant pink bow tie.

Clearly he needs a fashion intervention, or does he? I may be biased against his bow ties, but some fans aren't, so I'm leaving it up to you. Vote in the poll below to decide if Blaine's newfound love of bow ties is a good thing or a bad thing.

My hatred for bow ties most likely stems from Tucker Carlson, the political pundit who made them his signature style for many years. Between his fued with Jon Stewart and the fact that he was the first person eliminated from Dancing with the Stars season 3, he and his silly bow ties soured me on the fashion trend.

However, I must admit that recently bow ties have made significant strides. When Matt Smith joined Doctor Who as the 11th Doctor, he put one on and uttered the immortal line: "Bow ties are cool." Indeed, the Doctor makes them seem downright awesome, though his fashion sense is suspect because later he tried to wear a fez, proclaiming that they too were "cool," only to have River Song disintegrate it.

So it all comes down to you. Am I wrong and are Blaine's bow ties cool? Or do they make him look like fool? Vote now!

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