'Glee' Planning Second Britney Spears Tribute Episode
'Glee' Planning Second Britney Spears Tribute Episode
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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It looks like Britney's comeback is about to get a whole lot bigger. At FOX's upfront presentation yesterday, Simon Cowell officially announced that Britney Spears would be joining The X Factor this fall as one of the new judges to replace Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. (Demi Lovato has also been hired.) And now comes word that the "Hit Me Baby One More Time" singer's presence will be felt on another FOX program: Glee.

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Glee first paid tribute to Spears near the start of season 2. And now EW is reporting that she will be getting yet another tribute episode, this time in season 4. More specifically, the second episode, which will cover eight songs. If you'll recall, she made a brief cameo the first time around with Brittany S. Pierce. And as of right now, she won't guest star again, but the show's producers are hoping that'll change.

According to EW, "The reason for the Spears hour is because the network is so excited about the pairing of a Spears/X Factor with Glee on Thursday nights." So this pretty much confirms that it is the network pushing the tribute and will not be done solely for creative purposes. The first tribute may have received high ratings, but that episode was unanimously panned and criticized by fans across the board as being just an outlet to present a sort of endless loop of music videos.

But on the other side, it is a smart move by FOX to create more buzz for both The X Factor and Glee. Let's just hope the music serves a purpose, especially considering we'll be seeing Rachel, Kurt and Finn in New York starting a whole new chapter in their lives.

Speaking of season 4, it was mentioned in the same report by EW that Kate Hudson's character will be a mentor to Rachel: "Hudson's role will have her singing but will also be very dance-heavy." This makes sense, considering that Sarah Jessica Parker's character (announced at the same time as Hudson yesterday) will be mentoring Kurt.

Are you looking forward to another Britney Spears tribute episode? Or are you disappointed that it was done solely for marketing purposes, and wary that it will churn out another weak episode?

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