'Glee' Picks Up Honors From GLAAD
'Glee' Picks Up Honors From GLAAD
Glee has picked up the Best Comedy Series award at this year's GLAAD Media Awards, presented by the LGBT advocacy group in Los Angeles yesterday.

The awards applaud shows and stories that promote accurate and inclusive stories that involve LGBT issues and concerns. In the case of Glee, it's received applause for its handling of Kurt's coming-out storyline in the early part of the season. The show has received praise from GLAAD last year for the same reasons.

"We have so much love for our own Chris Colfer, who at age 19 when the media came calling, Chris was true to who he is instead of waiting to announce [that he's gay] at 40 when it doesn't matter," series co-creator Ryan Murphy said as he accepted the award. "This show is about arts education and inclusion, and we are using the show in a great way."

He promised that Colfer's character would get more air time next season, mentioning the recent casting call for his boyfriend, and that "they are going to be prom kings and be popular." He also thanked Jane Lynch for using Glee's "national platform" to talk about her recent engagement with longtime partner Lara Embry.

GLAAD also honored Tom Ford's Oscar-nominated film A Single Man, as well as Drew Barrymore and Wanda Sykes for their championing of equal rights.

(Image courtesy of Fox)