'Glee' Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston in This Week's Valentine's Day Episode
'Glee' Pays Tribute to Whitney Houston in This Week's Valentine's Day Episode
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Ever since the shocking death of Whitney Houston on Saturday, television programs and stars have scrambled to pay tribute to the legendary singer. Glee will also honor Whitney Houston -- on this week's Valentine's Day-themed episode, "Heart." How will Glee dedicate an episode to Whitney Houston? How did they get a tribute ready so quickly? Keep reading for the surprise answers.

Simply put, Glee has benefited from a surprise coincidence. Tuesday's episode, "Heart" -- which has an overall Valentine's Day theme -- includes Mercedes (Amber Riley) singing a version of Whitney Houston's iconic song, "I Will Always Love You," from the Bodyguard soundtrack (originally written by Dolly Parton, the song gained unprecedented popularity after the movie). The episode was filmed a month ago, and the song was always planned for "Heart."

In yet another Glee coincidence, Amber Riley actually met Whitney Houston for the very first time only last Thursday. Riley told E!Online that it was once-in-a-lifetime experience for her. "The fact that she even acknowledged that I was standing there was enough for me," Riley explained.

In addition to the singing of "I Will Always Love You" during the episode, Glee will pay further tribute to Whitney Houston by airing a dedication card during the show's end credits.

"Heart," with its Valentine's Day theme, focuses on the various relationships scattered throughout Glee. Before news of the Whitney Houston tribute broke, the main focus of "Heart" was actually the appearance of Rachel's two dads (plays by Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell) and the Glee debut of Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen.

Click here to watch **Glee videos of Samuel Larsen and Rachel's Dads in "Heart."

Want to hear Amber Riley's rendition of "I Will Always Love You"? Click play below for the audio from Tuesday's episode:

What do you think? Did Amber Riley do justice to the memory of Whitney Houston with that performance? Are you looking forward to seeing the number on Tuesday's Glee episode? What do you think about Glee doing an episode dedicated to Whitney Houston -- does this seem like it will work, or should they have waited for a later episode?

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