'Glee' Open Question #2: Should New Directions Win Regionals?
'Glee' Open Question #2: Should New Directions Win Regionals?
Hello again, gleeks. Do you know a fellow gleek who's actually coping with the four-month break, to the extent that the person actually tells you: "it's weird, but I actually don't miss Glee"? There's still more than enough time for an intervention. That, or the gleek in question is doing a very good job of acting like a sleeping giant.

Anyway, I'm popping in again to ask another question. A couple of weeks back, I asked about what Quinn should name her baby daughter, and your suggestions were pretty good. Now, I'll ask something a little more serious: should New Directions win regionals?

Okay, I know, that sounds like a stupid question. "But duh, Henrik, of course they should win regionals!" Yes, yes, I know, I'd love to see them win regionals, too. It's nice seeing the little glee club that could win a huge title. It would be vindication for Will, who kept his faith in the club despite a skeptical principal, a furious cheerleading coach, and the occasional tussle between the club's members themselves. It would also be a huge blow to Sue, who's done everything (and then some) to topple New Directions and get herself the fog machine the Cheerios supposedly deserves.

Not to mention the many possibilities a win at regionals opens. While Glee's next nine episodes (reminder: April 13) will feature the rivalry between McKinley High's glee club and Vocal Adrenaline--Will versus Idina Menzel! Rachel hooking up with Jonathan Groff!--imagine what would happen if New Directions snag regionals. One word: nationals! There's a lot of story to tackle once they take the next step. Say, Quinn is torn between competing and taking care of her daughter. Or Kurt and his future boyfriend deal with being apart for an extended period of time. Or Artie and Tina starting over.

But wouldn't New Directions winning regionals be absolutely predictable? Yes, it would be a very good thing, but seeing the good guys win in the end is very common. It's not often that we see on television the stars of the show work so hard to reach the prize, only to come up short in the end, either because of some complications (read: Sue Sylvester) or because the competition was just very good (read: Sarah Newlin from True Blood).

A defeat would see the club regroup and reassess their priorities. Maybe Rachel would deflate her huge ego for once. And this also paves way for a bunch of new members, or perhaps a chance for those in the background to shine. Admit it: you'd like to see Brittany, Santana, Mike and Matt do more than dance and give an extra line or so.

Well, that's just me. What about you? Come on, gleeks. I don't want to dance by myself with this one. Click here to toss in your two cents. Who knows, maybe we can give Sue her fog machine after all...

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