Glee: Now They're Singing On Top Of Mattresses? (And Why Are Some Glee Kids Missing?)
Glee: Now They're Singing On Top Of Mattresses? (And Why Are Some Glee Kids Missing?)
The folks at Entertainment Weekly had a handful of pretty cool behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Glee.  Cool, because of the idea of people singing while standing on their beds sounds fun.

Yes, they're singing on top of mattresses.  To be precise, they're singing on top of mattresses being sold in a mattress store.  All ten of them glee kids, in fact.

Well, yes, I did say ten, right?  Yes, I said ten.

If you saw the photos from a Glee episode that's coming in two weeks' time, you must've noticed that I posted a link to an article from EW's Michael Ausiello, mentioning that one Cheerio will be leaving glee club.  And that Cheerio's Quinn.  I don't know if it has something to do with her pregnancy, unless she's suffered a miscarriage, sad as it may sound.  I have a feeling it's because people are now making fun of her, judging from photos for an episode airing later this month.  (I'll post them when I get the episode synopsis, as always.)

But take a look at this photo, and notice that someone else is missing:

Mattresses: For an extra spring to your dance step.

Where the heck is Finn?

Okay, so it's possible that Finn is not part of this sequence--maybe he's not shopping for mattresses--although there is a possibility, of course, that he also left New Directions.  Besides, he's always pondered that thought, although the budding romance with Rachel always stops him on his tracks.  Again, I'll refer to those photos I will upload later this week: he's not in good terms with the football team.  Reputations, again?

Well, that doesn't seem enough of a reason, so I'm sticking with the he's-just-not-in-this-scene theory.  Besides, Puck is still here, singing, not dancing like his life's on the line.

And also, you might want to notice that Artie is also misisng in the photo.  But no need to panic.  I'll end this with a couple more photos from EW, and I think it's after the scene's wrapped up, and I'll show you Artie's around.

Sadly, Artie's stuck on a wheelchair, and so he can't have a spring to his step.

But more than anything, mattresses are for sleeping. Right, Lea?

Mattresses?  Bring it on, I say.  What song, I wonder?  And why?  And who is that tenth kid?  Is that you, Quinn?  To be honest, I can't really make the face out, so...

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly)