'Glee' News Round-Up: Lauren Zizes is No More, 'Choke' Songlist and May Sweeps
'Glee' News Round-Up: Lauren Zizes is No More, 'Choke' Songlist and May Sweeps
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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While we wait for tonight's highly anticipated Whitney Houston tribute episode, it's time for another News Round-Up. We've got an update from Ashley Fink. The songlist has been announced for the May 1 episode, "Choke." And spoilers from May sweeps episodes are now online.

No More Lauren Zizes on Glee

Does anyone remember Lauren Zizes? The actress that played her, Ashley Fink, appeared in the first two seasons, with more integral storylines in season 2, including a relationship with Puck. At the start of season 3, we found out that Zizes had quit New Directions (and only appeared once this season). That left fans wondering if Fink would be returning to the show or not. Ryan Murphy did promise that she'd be back, albeit with a reduced episode count. Now we have an answer.

Ashley Fink attended the premiere of fellow Glee co-star Chris Colfer's film (that Colfer not only stars in, but wrote and produced as well), Struck by Lightning, and confirmed to reporters that she won't be back on Glee. "It is what it is," she said. "Lauren's somewhere in that school, she's just not on camera or being talked about. She's involved in activities that aren't televised."

She continued by saying that "They have so many [characters] to take care of and I think once they made the decision that all these characters were going to graduate, it shifted the way this season was going to go. I haven't heard anything from Ryan, but I visited [while they were filming] prom, so I got to see everybody, which was great."

Is anyone else disappointed that she won't be back? I don't know what grade her character would be in this year, but if she's no older than a junior, I'd love to have Ryan Murphy bring her back for season 4 to fill up one of the many vacant spots left open in New Directions.

"Choke" Songs and Description Released

After tonight's Whitney tribute, the next episode is "Choke," airing on May 1. The songlist from the episode has been released, and here they are: "School's Out," "Shake It Out," "Cell Block Tango," "Not the Boy Next Door," "Cry" and "The Rain in Spain."

To along with this, a detailed description of the episode by FOX has made its way to the web:

"As Rachel and Kurt prepare for their all-important NYADA auditions, they get news that could send all their well-laid plans into a tailspin. The subject of domestic violence comes to the forefront when one of McKinley's own admits to being in an abusive relationship; while students and teachers are stunned by the revelation, they rally to show their support. When one of Puck's schemes backfires, Finn and the guys stage an intervention to prevent their friend from making a terrible mistake. Meanwhile, Puck's eyes are opened by an unexpected source, spurring him to take greater control of his destiny ... but it may already be too late."

May Sweeps is Upon Us

Finally, May sweeps begins next week. We'll be seeing the networks pulling out all the stops to get people to watch their shows, and to seek the attention of advertisers. In advance of this, TVLine has the scoop on what to expect on Glee during sweeps.

To continue the discussion of "Choke" from above, this brief description of the May 1 episode reveals more about the person who admits they're in an abusive relationship: "Rachel and Kurt finally get to audition for NYADA, but their nerves are rattled when they find out it's for the dean (guest star Whoopi Goldberg). Meanwhile, Coach Beiste reveals a secret, and Sue Sylvester and Coach Roz lend a helping hand." Beiste has a secret, and if you put two and two together with the abusive relationship claim above, it's obvious it'll be Beiste.

May 8 will see this year's prom episode, titled "Prom-asaurus." We already know that Brittany is in charge of putting prom together. But "after prom king and queen nominations are announced, the kids kick into campaign mode, and some of the outcasts organize a rival celebration." Who do you think will be involved in this?

Recently, BuddyTV reported that the May 15 episode will be combining two episodes into one, the first hour titled "Props," and that the students will be dressing up as each other in an alternate universe-type storyline involving Tina. But now we have more info on how this will all come about: "As the countdown to graduation continues, New Directions prepares a high-concept routine for Nationals. When Tina bumps her head, the world of New Directions is turned upside down in her eyes." The second hour will be devoted to Nationals.

And then comes the episode that will most likely be emotional for both the characters and viewers: graduation. "McKinley High's class of 2012 looks to the past and present, while contemplating their future." If they reminisce about the past, as this description alludes to, I wonder if we'll see clips from all three seasons in the finale.

Glee airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on FOX.

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