Glee: New Clips Could Be Out Before April 13
Glee: New Clips Could Be Out Before April 13
After Glee's fall finale aired last Wednesday night, I got an email from a friend slash fellow gleek of mine. "It's going to be a long four-month wait," he said. "I hope they release webisodes or something to tide us over."

Well, guess what, my dear friend, it might just happen.
Sources told Entertainment Weekly that there are plans to release all new content during Glee's four-month hiatus between now and April 13, when the show returns on its new Tuesday night time slot.

Again, that's not confirmed, but I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe we'd see sneak peeks of episodes that they've already shot, or maybe web-only clips showing what Sue's been up to after she's been suspended from McKinley High. Or maybe what Ken was up to after he dumps Emma. (Necessary heartbreak, I know.) But I'm guessing we'd hear a new song during the break. I'm also guessing they'd release a third Glee CD before the next set of episodes even air.

There are also plans to have a Glee marathon air before the series returns in April. Again, they're plans. Still, Fox will air two Glee reruns next Wednesday--"Preggers" and "The Rhodes Not Taken"--or, maybe, you would've bought the DVD by then.

The interesting bit is what Fox executives are saying about that four-month recess. "If I were ABC, I would be concerned about Flash Forward because those shows are ending in a downward cycle--Glee's ending in an upward cycle," network executive Preston Beckman said. "The best news of all is that when it returns it's gonna be sitting behind American Idol. So it's not like we're putting it in a time period where it's gonna have to fight."

Tough words. Very Sue-like, only without the snark. But for the optimists in everyone, I might say this means a second season is coming...

(Image courtesy of Fox)