'Glee' Mystery: Who Is Ryder's Online Girlfriend?
'Glee' Mystery: Who Is Ryder's Online Girlfriend?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Glee introduced yet another mystery in "Feud," replacing the mystery of Rachel's baby daddy (which, it turns out, is no one because she's not really pregnant, unless she was just lying to Santana).

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In "Feud" we learned that dyslexic football star Ryder Lynn (Glee Project season 2 winner Blake Jenner) is having a great time getting to know "Katie_XOXO," a girl he met online. She seems to be perfect (or, in Ryder's words, "perfekt"), but when he asked to meet her, she simply went offline.

Who is Katie? Well, below are my top three theories.


This is the obvious choice, the one most fans probably thought about right away. Not only did Unique have plenty to do with Ryder in this episode, but it would also explain why she wasn't so keen on meeting him. It also plays into the show's history of capitalizing on popular trends, and this episode was probably written around the time of the Manti Te'o scandal, so Ryder getting Catfish'ed is a serious possibility.

My problem with this theory is that it seems almost too obvious (but that never stopped Glee before) and, if it is Unique, why ask for a shirtless pic if he's just gonna send the McKinley High calendar shot that is easily accessible to any student?

Neck Brace Cheerio

I'm officially obsessed with this girl, the Cheerio who has never said a word but appears in nearly every season 4 episode. She's a Cheerio who has worn a neck brace since the season 4 premiere and still has it on (she appeared briefly walking down the hallway in "Feud"). We know she has a crush on Ryder, as exhibited in "Sadie Hawkins." Maybe she's just too shy and wants to get to know him online before making another move in person, since clearly her Sadie Hawkins Dance plans didn't work out.  But maybe I just want it to be her because I want all the Neck Brace Cheerio cameos to actually mean something and play a big role in the show at some point.

Jessica Sanchez

We haven't really heard anything about this for a while, but back in the summer, Ryan Murphy announced that American Idol season 11 finalist Jessica Sanchez was going to have a recurring role on Glee, most likely in the final few episodes. Maybe this is the way to introduce her. Perhaps Sanchez will play the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline and the show will go back to season 1 and have a storyline where a member of New Directions falls in love with a member of Vocal Adrenaline.

What do you think? Is Ryder being Tuiasosopo'ed by Unique? Is this Neck Brace Cheerio's big play? Could a winner from The Glee Project be falling in love with a finalist on American Idol? Hopefully we'll find out soon enough, unlike that whole "Who's the father of Sue's baby?" thing.

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