Glee: It's Popularity, Espionage and Love Triangles, with Songs In Between
Glee: It's Popularity, Espionage and Love Triangles, with Songs In Between
Glee!  Isn't it obvious I'm similarly excited for it, not after watching the pilot after the American Idol finale?  But more on that later.  I was trawling through some spoilers for the full season, which kicks off on September 9, and I'm a little surprised.  So it is about a glee club, and it is a bit about outsiders, and there'll be plotting and espionage and all?  Doesn't exactly sound like your run-of-the-mill High School Musical rip-off.  Then again, it never was.

So my task here, then, is to write down those spoilers, courtesy of the folks at E! Online, and then write down what I think of those details.  You know, side comments and stuff.

First, the kids themselves.  Kristen Chenowith, as you might already know, will be doing a guest stint on the show, and it'll be at the back of Rachel leaving the glee club.  Or, to be exact, she "might take a break," according to Lea Michele.  I smell some regrets on her part.  Or better yet, you wanted to be a star, so why leave?

As for Finn, there will be a father-and-son sort of relationship with Will.  Since he sees school as a sort of escape, well, it's inevitable.  "He doesn't have a strong family situation, so a lot his life plays out in school," Cory Monteith said.

As Jenna Ushkowitz, also known as slurry Tina, perfectly sums up: "The intertwining of the relationships and conflicts is definitely starting to form, and you're seeing who knows who and who likes who."

Tsk, tsk, tsk, love triangles.  It's pretty obvious that (a) glee club head Will is married to Terri, (b) Will is finding a connection with guidance counselor Emma, and (c) it all adds up to a love triangle.  Terri will, of course, not back down.  "I put Emma in her place and I send her in a whole different path," Jessalyn Gilsig said.  "I send her life in a whole different direction.  With Terri, you can never nail her, you could never really prove that she did it, but she has her ways.  She's much more passive aggressive."

"Oh yeah, it gets crazy," Matthew Morrison added.  "She throws the smack down on Emma and on me too."  Am I seeing Terri as the second coming of Sue?

As for Emma, well, all she wants is that connection, and I think they're deliberately leaving it ambiguous.  "It's hard for me to consider it a love triangle because Emma would never want to see a marriage dissolve," Jayma Mays said.  "For her it's just sad, because I think it's rare that she connects with someone, and she has connected with Will, and she can't pursue it.  It gets a little bit more intense."

But nobody, it seems, is more evil that the Sue.  "She's just mean through the whole thing," Jane Lynch said.  "I get meaner and meaner, and I'm always foiled.  Everything I try to do gets foiled."

One of her plans involved throwing one of the Cheerios--to be exact, queen bee(tch) Quinn--into the glee club.  Sounds, uhh, Alias-ish?  24-ish?  "Quinn shows that she can cave, and she's emotional and vulnerable," Dianna Agron said.  "Some really heavy things happen to her, very surprising things, very contradictory to who you think she might be."  Yeah, 24-ish, the last season, Jack Bauer's sickness.  That's my metaphor.

Also hatching a plan is Finn's best friend, Puck.  He's joining the glee club, too, but because he's "plotting to acquire someone's woman or some kind of espionage," according to Mark Salling.  Maybe it's Sue's plans again?  Maybe, but much like Cory--who started singing in the shower, as we saw in the pilot--Puck's got dreams, too.  "He wants to get out of the town, and he has musical aspirations just like everyone else," he said.

There are the prerequisite revlations.  I think for all of us who watched the pilot, Kurt being gay is no surprise.  But it's refreshing to see someone come out on a scripted primetime series, which is what he'll exactly do.  "There's lots of stuff with his dad and him coming to terms with who he is and finding acceptance from that," Chris Colfer revealed.  "He doesn't sing about it, thank god!  It'd be like, 'I'm in the closet!'"

Same goes for wheelchair-bound Artie, who promises that we'll enjoy knowing why he's in a wheelchair anyway.  "We do find out how he got in the wheelchair, and it's a really fun episode," Kevin McHale--who actually dances--said.  "People get to experience what it's like for Artie."  So I imagine something like those first-person shooters, only in a wheelchair?

And, of course, the songs they'll sing.  "We may be doing Brandy's 'The Boy Is Mine,'" Amber Riley--also known as I-won't-do-backup girl Mercedes--said.  "Maybe. And there might be a Dreamgirls song."

No, don't worry, I haven't stopped believing.  Speaking of which, the show's version of "Don't Stop Believing" is still stuck in my head, months after.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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