Glee: It's a Neil Patrick Harris/Matthew Morrison Face-Off!
Glee: It's a Neil Patrick Harris/Matthew Morrison Face-Off!
What did Mr. Shue do to deserve all these enemies? Terri, Sue, and now... Neil Patrick Harris?

Entertainment Weekly reports that Harris will appear as... okay, there are spoilers after the cut, but I know you'll click through anyway.

So, Harris will a former nemesis of Matthew Morrison's character in an upcoming episode of Glee. Yep, the same episode that Joss Whedon will direct.

Sources say NPH will play Bryan Adam, Will's rival back in the day who returns as a board member at William McKinley High. "Flashback scenes will show Bryan picking up girls and getting all the cool solos, while Will sits in the sidelines," the source said.

Oh, yes, I can see a sing-off coming.

Especially when you consider that New Directions will be threatened because of Bryan's presence. You see, he was the glee club's star back in the day, but he hasn't gotten anywhere since. Believing that glee club ruined his life, he's back for vengeance--so he'll propose cutting McKinley High's arts program.

So, yes, you can say Bryan is on Sue's side. But, of course, New Directions will survive this... but not without a song. The episode will be shot next week, and will air in May.

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