'Glee' Hits New Ratings Low with Disco Episode
'Glee' Hits New Ratings Low with Disco Episode
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Note to Glee: Do NOT do any more tribute episodes dedicated to iconic '70s albums. The ratings are in for the show's Saturday Night Fever episode, and they are not good.

The show had just 6.18 million viewers, down more than half a million from last week's season low. In fact, it's the second lowest-rated episode of all-time, barely edging out season 1's "Hairography," which aired the week of Thanksgiving.

This followed last season's Fleetwood Mac episode "Rumours," which was season 2's second lowest-rated episode. The trend is clear: people don't want to watch kids sing '70s songs.

Or perhaps the problem was the falsetto. The problem with "Saturday Night Glee-ver" isn't that disco sucks (which it does) or that kids today have no idea who Tony Manero is (heck, John Travolta is only known as Oprah's pilot friend). No, the problem is that it's nearly impossible for most people to recreate Barry Gibbs signature falsetto. Instead, we were treated to obnoxious, screechy vocals from Darren Criss and Cory Monteith that sounded nothing like them.

Sue Sylvester described the Saturday Night Fever album as the soundtrack of a generation. However, that's not THIS generation. For Glee to succeed, it has to stick to current songs, or at least timeless ones.

One of the highest-rated episodes this season is "Michael," another tribute episode. The difference is that Michael Jackson's music isn't specific to one generation. It was timeless and disco isn't. Saturday Night Fever does not hold up today the same say Michael Jackson's music does.

Next week is another tribute episode, but I expect the ratings to be much higher because Whitney Houston wasn't a flash-in-the-pan. Her music, like Jackson's, can stand the test of time. Hopefully these incredibly low numbers will teach Glee a lesson it desperately needs: Knock off the cheap gimmicks.

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