'Glee': Grant Gustin Returning as Sebastian for Multiple Episodes
'Glee': Grant Gustin Returning as Sebastian for Multiple Episodes
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
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If you're holding out hope that Blaine and Kurt will get back together, brace yourself. Are you ready for more Sebastian? Hopefully you are, because according to TVLine, Grant Gustin is returning to Glee in November. He has signed on for multiple episodes, though the exact number is unknown.

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To make it even more official, Gustin tweeted, "It's true peeps! I'm pumped and SO sore. Just wrapped." Earlier in the week, he said, "I can't walk. I can barely sit. I don't even remember my name. @ZachWoodlee & @brookelipton I love/hate you both."

It was reported all the way back in January that Gustin would become a series regular in season 4, though that was quickly backtracked with a source saying, "We are not finalizing any season 4 regulars until May." And Gustin himself even said nothing was official just yet. Now that his return has been made official, all we're hearing is that he's on for multiple episodes, so maybe that deal was never finalized to be a regular.

The arrival of Sebastian couldn't come at a worse time, now that Klaine have separated. Will he resort to his devilish ways again and try to get with Blaine? Considering Sebastian almost blinded him in season 3, we sure hope not.

As BuddyTV reported earlier this month, Nolan Gerard Funk has been cast as Hunter, who will be the new leader of the Dalton Academy Warblers. And since Hunter's going to attempt to bring Blaine back to their Glee club in episode 7, will Sebastian be a part of it all to bring him back? Blaine doesn't have Kurt at McKinley to keep him around anymore, so what's stopping him from leaving? Oh yeah, he's now the leader of New Directions and also student council president. Let the drama begin.

Glee returns November 8 at 9pm on FOX.

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