'Glee' Cliffhanger: Who's the Daddy?
'Glee' Cliffhanger: Who's the Daddy?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Glee gave fans its now annual early spring break cliffhanger, and it was a big one. In season 3 we got Quinn's car accident, and now, assuming that worried look on Rachel's face wasn't a fake-out, Miss Berry is preggers.

Yes, "I Do" featured plenty of love (and sex), no marriage, and may have ended with a baby in a baby carriage.

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At first I naturally assumed that Rachel taking the pregnancy test occurred at the same time as the New Directions performance of "Anything Can Happen," which was obviously done the week after the wedding. That ruled out Finn as the daddy because pregnancy tests take one or two weeks to show up positive.

But in a "blink or you missed it" twist, Rachel was flipping through the March pages of her date book, meaning it was actually a month after the wedding debacle. This kind of odd time discrepancy is quite misleading, but it serves one very important function: It puts the paternity into question.

So now Glee fans must wait for the next new episode on March 7 for more information, but we're left with several big questions. Is Rachel really pregnant? What will she do if she is? And who's the daddy?

Is Rachel Pregnant?

The look on Rachel's face definitely made it seem like she's pregnant, and if the test isn't positive, it would be infuriatingly misleading from the show. So I'm going to assume it was positive.

Of course, that doesn't mean she's actually pregnant. Look at last year's big cliffhanger, with Quinn in a horrific car accident. The consequences only lasted a few episodes before she was out of the wheelchair and everything was back to normal. With that in mind, it's entirely possible Rachel got a false positive and this whole thing is a pregnancy scare to force her to make a choice between male prostitute Brody and her true "endgame," Finn.

And fans of Ryan Murphy will remember that he has a habit of undoing pregnancy cliffhangers. The first season of his WB series Popular ended with Carmen (Sara Rue) finding out she's pregnant, but when season 2 began, it turned out to be a false alarm. If I were a betting man, I'd say Murphy is going to recycle that plot so Rachel isn't really pregnant, even though she thinks she is.

What Would Rachel Do?

Putting that theory aside, let's assume Rachel really is pregnant. What are her options? I have a very hard time believing Glee would allow its main character to have an abortion, so that seems like it's completely off the table. She could always pull a Quinn and put the baby up for adoption, though that seems doubtful as well. She might also have a miscarriage, which seems very dark for a musical comedy, but then again, Glee has already showed a teen trying to kill himself, so a miscarriage is hardly out of place.

The only other possibility is raising the baby and starting a family, which would throw a massive monkey wrench into her plans. It would also accelerate her time table for choosing who she wants to raise the baby with: Brody or Finn.

Who's the Daddy?

The odds have to go to Brody on this one since he's living with Rachel and they have been having lots and lots of sex. However, this would ruin Finn's big "endgame" speech.

My money is on Finn. While I would love the delicious irony of Finn being tricked into thinking yet another baby is his when it really isn't, the fact that the show went to the trouble of adjusting the time and having Finn and Rachel hook up at the wedding makes me think/hope he's the dad. Finn has spent this season looking for a purpose, and while everyone is giving him encouragement about leading New Directions, I don't think that's his future. Finn as a stay-at-home dad, on the other hand, seems like something he'd really be good at. He's sweet, loving and always willing to lend a helping hand. A baby might be the perfect thing to give his life meaning.

So in order for Glee's "endgame" to become a reality, I'm siding with Finn as the father, even though that would probably mean Dean Geyer would get the boot from the show.

But that's only if she's pregnant. Let's be honest, does anyone REALLY think Glee is going to go through with this, have Rachel become a pregnant NYADA student and give birth to a baby next November? That would take the show in a completely different direction and really hijack anything else going on.

What do you think? Is Rachel really pregnant? Do you want Brody or Finn to be the father?

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