'Glee' Britney Tribute Confirmed! Our Dream Playlist for the Episode
'Glee' Britney Tribute Confirmed! Our Dream Playlist for the Episode
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Glee creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed with ET that the writers are at work on a Britney Spears themed episode for season 2.

No word yet on whether Ms. Spears herself will appear in the episode, but either way: We can't wait! Brit may not have made our list of Dream Glee Themes for Season 2, but we can already imagine those confused and lusty Gleeks belting out the music of America's pop princess ... and the amazing themed viewing-parties that will commence in our living rooms when the episode finally airs!

We have absolute faith that Mr. Murphy and his talented crew will select the bona fide best of Britney, but just in case they need a little brainstorming help, here's our dream Britney playlist for our beloved Glee clubbers:

"I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman"
Should be sung by: Rachel--she doesn't need to stand on a cliff to give this coming-of-age song maximum drama.

Should be sung by: Santana and Brittany ... about each other. Ha!

Should be sung by: Will Schuester. About Terri, perhaps? Hilarity bonus points if he dances on a chair.

Should be sung by: Emma. Britney could definitely help her explore her dirty side.

"Oops! ... I Did It Again"
Should be sung by: Quinn. But NOT as in, "Oops! ... I got pregnant again."

Should be sung by: All the ladies of the Glee Club, a la their Madonna "Express Yourself" number.

Should be sung by: Kurt and Mercedes, our favorite duet buddies, in a power move to prove their "ring leader" statuses in the Glee Club. Plus, the lyric "I'm a 'put on a show' kind of girl" would sound amazing coming out of either of their mouths.

Which Britney song would YOU love to hear when Glee pays tribute to Ms. Spears next season?

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