'Glee': Britney Spears to Appear in Drug-induced, 'Reverential' Tribute
'Glee': Britney Spears to Appear in Drug-induced, 'Reverential' Tribute
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Glee creator Ryan Murphy spilled the Britney Spears beans this morning on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, revealing that "Britney, I think 100% is going to be on the episode, which is exciting."

We'll ignore the confusion between "I think" and "100%" and just take that as a straight-up, no question affirmation that the pop star is coming to McKinley High. Gleeks rejoice!

The plot of the episode will find four of our Glee leads in the chair at sexy dentist John Stamos's office (Emma's new lover, for those out of the casting loop), where they'll go under the goofy gas and awake in pop princess land for some fantastical Britney-related visions.

I guess that concept torpedoes some of my Britney song choices, but I'll get over it. And there's good news: One of those characters getting all drugged up will surely be cheerleader Brittany, who's confirmed to make her singing debut during her eponymous episode.

Will Ms. Spears appear as a front-desk clerk in Stamos' office, not unlike her guest spot on How I Met Your Mother? Will she be the goal at the end of Rachel's vision quest like a musical Wizard of Oz? However Murphy fits her in, he promises the treatment on air will be careful and kind.

"The Britney episode is so reverential about her, and so kind and it's about her music," Murphy said, adding, "I think Britney Spears is pop culture, and I think she's been through a lot. And I want to do something that just sort of says, 'You know what, thank you for what you've done. And we're encouraging you to continue to be as fantastic as you are.' We're handling Britney with kid gloves."

Doesn't sound so funny anymore. But I trust you, Ryan Murphy.

Meanwhile, Glee star Mark Salling also sat down with Seacrest to announce that his debut album, Pipe Dreams, drops on October 12. Seacrest played Salling's first single off the album, "Higher Power," which you can listen to over at KIIS FM.

Now, put on your own set of "kid gloves" and tell me: Would you rather see Britney appear as a character or as herself?

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