'Glee' Britney Day Giveaway: What's Your Favorite Britney Song?
'Glee' Britney Day Giveaway: What's Your Favorite Britney Song?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

All the "Anticipating," all the "Crazy" waiting: It's finally over. So many nights searching the web for spoilers, thinking "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know." The days of looking at episode videos and photos, yelling "Gimme More" are all behind you! Glee Britney day is here, and it was "Born to Make You Happy." You're so excited it's like a "Circus" inside your head.

As you can probably tell, we've got Britney songs on the brain today. So, in celebration of Ms. Spears' appearance on Glee tonight, we want to know: What's your favorite Britney song?

Post your choice in the comments below (feel free to say why, but it's not required). One "Lucky" commenter (whom I will choose at random, as is "My Prerogative") will win this highly coveted Glee foam hand, in lovely "Sue Sylvester tracksuit" red:

Glee is available on Amazon Prime.

will-foamhand-glee.jpgImpress your fellow Gleeks at viewing parties, taunt schoolmates without uttering a single word, mock athletic friends from the stands of their important sporting events and MORE!

This Glee-themed L-shaped foam hand could be yours. So don't be afraid to "Break the Ice." "Do Somethin'." Comment!

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