'Glee' Body Swap Video: Tina Becomes Rachel Berry
'Glee' Body Swap Video: Tina Becomes Rachel Berry
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's hard to tell exactly what Glee has up its sleeve for "Props," the first half of the show's two-hour spectacular this Tuesday. The episode features all of the stars playing different roles, but is it a dream or not.
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In this scene, we see how it all begins when Tina falls into a fountain and comes out, Dorothy-style, with some help from Kurt and Blaine. Only Kurt and Blaine look like Finn and Puck. Clearly this is a dream, which makes me think the entire episode will be completely pointless, but thoroughly entertaining. I'll be curious to see how everyone handles playing a different role.

Cory Monteith does a decent job with his voice (though it's still nowhere near as high as Chris Colfer's). And, while it's a funny idea, I'm not sure Mark Salling as Blaine works. At all. It's just wrong on every conceivable level, like when Sam fantasized about Beiste in a tutu.

Glee's body-swapping episode airs Tuesday at 8pm on FOX, followed by New Directions heading to Nationals at 9pm.

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