From 'SYTYCD' to 'Glee': Shankman Directing a Michael Jackson Tribute?
From 'SYTYCD' to 'Glee': Shankman Directing a Michael Jackson Tribute?
Tara Spicer
Tara Spicer
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Hold onto your dancing shoes. reports that Adam Shankman, a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, may be directing a Michael Jackson-themed Glee episode in the upcoming season.

Shankman has been a busy man lately. In addition to his hints about Glee, he also produced Step it Up 3D which opens in theaters today and features several SYTYCD alums. Add to that the monumental task of directing and producing this year's Academy Awards show (a task he is rumored to be sharing with Glee creator, Ryan Murphy), and it's a wonder he' s managing to keep his eyeballs open as an SYTYCD judge twice a week. The man is a machine.

Last season, it was Madonna and Lady Gaga that infiltrated New Directions, and the costumes were almost as entertaining as the songs. Case in point: Rachel's beanie baby outfit and Sue Sylvester's creep cone bra. And now we have Britney Spears and Michael Jackson to look forward to. (Note to Adam Shankman: I expect to see nothing less than boa constrictors, bare midriffs, and moonwalks.)

While Shankman didn't exactly drop MJ's name during his interview, he did drop hints about how epic the episode will be:"I am totally psyched because it's a big episode, it's super emotional and it also has a lot of spectacle." Which kind of makes him sound like a cheerleader on speed, but then maybe that's not a bad thing when you're directing the students of William McKinley High.

Obviously I don't spend my time choreographing dance routines for celebrated Emmy-nominated actors, but if I diiiid...these are the five songs I'd love to see (along with my suggestions on who should sing them):

"Man in the Mirror": Artie. And I don't really care who else. 
"Bad": Finn and Puck. Preferably in sinister-looking leather jackets.

"Billie Jean": The guys. All of them. And it must be stated: how perfect would this have been last season when Quinn was knocked up with Puck's baby? It's not too late to get pregnant again, Quinn.

"Beat it"
: Mercedes + the other girls doing backup. And snapping their fingers menacingly.

"The Way You Make Me Feel": Finn and Rachel, obvs.

"Don't Stop Til You Get Enough"
: Kurt. Because he would hit the high notes and make it look easy.

What MJ songs would you love to see? Sound off in the comments below!

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