Four New Characters You'll See in 'Glee' Season 3
Four New Characters You'll See in 'Glee' Season 3
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The Glee producers may have promised to limit the amount of stunt casting for season 3, but I guess that doesn't mean there won't be any new characters. TVLine has the breakdown for four new characters we'll be meeting in Glee's upcoming third season, including two new female students, a big football player for Mercedes and a mean teacher.

There's no word on whether the winner of The Glee Project will take on one of these roles, but I assume it's possible. Here's who's new on Glee.

Sugar: A rich, selfish mean girl who can't sing, she sounds destined to be the school's new Queen Beeyotch, and that's something Lindsay from The Glee Project could easily pull off.

Sheila: A tattooed rocker chick, I can't see either of the two remaining girls from The Glee Project playing this role, but I can see her coming between Puck and Lauren Zizes.

Bubba: A big linebacker, he's the guy who starts dating Mercedes over the summer and, presumably, makes her forget all about poor Sam. Since he's supposed to be a big guy, Alex from The Glee Project could pull it off, but he's so flamboyantly gay (he's dressed up in drag several times on The Glee Project) that I can't imagine him playing straight. But maybe that's the joke, and Kurt will be trying to convince Mercedes that her boyfriend is totally gay.

Nancy Bletheim: She's a geometry teacher in her 60s who is very opposed to the arts being taught in school. That's something we know Sue Sylvester will be campaigning for in her political race, so maybe Sue will get an ally in her war on arts education.

I'm still trying to figure out how or where the winner of The Glee Project fits into season 3, since we know he/she will be Sue's rival. Of the three new students, Sheila might be the only one who qualifies as someone who would immediately be on Sue's bad side, but I can't imagine Lindsay or Hannah playing the role. Now if it was Samuel, that would make sense.

What do you think about the new group of kids coming to Glee, and which, if any, do you think will be played by the winner of The Glee Project?

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