Connecting the 'Glee' Dots: Mr. Shue, Madonna and Possibly Adam Lambert
Connecting the 'Glee' Dots: Mr. Shue, Madonna and Possibly Adam Lambert
Sure, Glee's going on a two-week break, but we're not heading out alone.  We've got quite a handful of details on the next five episodes, and we're connecting the dots yet again.  First up, Matthew Morrison talked to and revealed a couple of details that plugs a few holes from the episode descriptions right over here.

Detail one: He's going to have a duet with Rachel Berry.  "Rachel kind of has a crush on me for a little while," he said.  "So I have to sing songs for her to keep her back.  I think Will handles it well.  We do a duet of 'Endless Love'."  So when we mentioned a possible awkward moment for Will when he has to substitute himself for a sick guy, they meant this?

Detail two: Seems the Ken-Emma marriage will happen before Will finds out about Terri's so-called baby.  "The wedding just helps him refocus his energy on where he should be with Terri and his family to come," he said.  "[But] Will is eventually going to find out that Terri is not pregnant; it's going to be quite the blow out."

Detail three: Remember (again) the behind-the-scenes photos of the glee club singing on top of a mattress?  It's apparently a commercial they're shooting.  "[Sue's] going to use that against them and say they're getting paid for stuff, and they shouldn't be getting paid," Morrison said.

So that wasn't just a couple of details, but here's the next bit: Entertainment Weekly has revealed that they're cooking up an episode that's got Madonna songs, and only Madonna songs.  The magazine reports that the singer has given the show the rights to her entire catalog, which is a pretty big deal.  So, we should expect hearing more Madonna songs next year.  And with Dianna Agron confirming that she's doing a Madonna solo, oooh, it's gonna be fun.

And one last thing: series creator Ryan Murphy also told the magazine that he's considering having American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert as a guest star.  Nothing confirmed yet, although I can see him doing a cameo like Josh Groban.  I wonder who else should make a cameo?  Thoughts?

Oh, and if you're dropping by the newsstands this weekend, you might wanna pick up Entertainment Weekly doing a cover story on GleeNice photos, really.  Will kissing Finn in the forehead is quite a funny sight.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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