Chord Overstreet Returning to 'Glee'
Chord Overstreet Returning to 'Glee'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Glee's on-again, off-again relationship with Chord Overstreet is now on again. According to TVLine, the show is finalizing a deal to bring the former star back to the series in a recurring role of the second half of season 3.

Overstreet's history with Glee during the summer was complicated. First came news that he wasn't picked up as a series regular, then the producers started back-peddling and saying that it didn't mean he was definitely out. Then came news that he was out and would not return in season 3. Now his planned return changes the story once again.

According to TVLine, Overstreet will resurface in the season's eighth episode, scheduled to air in December. The show wrote him out in the season 3 premiere by revealing that Sam's out-of-work father got a new job and moved away. With his return, that will obviously have to be changed.

Much like Glee's relationship with Overstreet, I'm torn on this news. On the one hand, I loved Overstreet on the show and thought Sam Evans was a painfully underappreciated character who was never given the screentime he deserved. On the other hand, bringing him back seems like another random move that flies in the face of logic. If they brought back the character because it made sense in the storyline, that would be fine, but this feels like the producers simply changed their minds about getting rid of him and are now trying to undo their mistake.

On the bright side, Sam could have been a sophomore in season 2, meaning that when he returns, he could have the potential to stick around for season 4 as well, unlike most of the cast who are seniors and will most likely graduate at the end of this year.

Glee's third season returns with new episodes Tuesday, November 1 at 8pm on FOX.

Source: TVLine
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