Britney Spears On the Set of 'Glee': It's Britney Against Brittany
Britney Spears On the Set of 'Glee': It's Britney Against Brittany
I'm no Britney Spears fan -- when she was big in the '90s I was listening to the Backstreet Boys because, well, I was a boy -- but I'm getting pretty excited for the Britney tribute episode Glee is cooking up in roughly five weeks' time.

Well, Britney was on set today and she tweeted a couple of photos from her shoot with Heather Morris and I literally screamed in front of my desk with excitement. I mean, look!


Henrik's tip to himself: Stare. At. Brittany.


Britney with her "new BFFs": Heather Morris and series creator Ryan Murphy.

I guess that confirms "Me Against The Music", her collaboration with Madonna, as one of the songs which will feature on the episode. (Isn't it smart they're still using their Madonna connections for this one? Let's jog our memories by watching the music video here.) Add to that the photos of Lea Michele in an "Ooops I Did It Again" outfit, and you've got part of the set list!

Wait -- does this mean the possibility a Britney/Brittany kiss, much like this one?

Now, fellow gleeks, I know you're excited, but contain yourselves, okay? We've got 33 days to wait for the Glee season 2 premiere (that's on September 21). And then seven more days before this episode airs. Keep it all in, okay?

(Images courtesy of Britney Spears' Twitter page)